package inotify

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Inotify bindings for OCaml


Dune Dependency






add @since tags dune: add dependency to unix library adds pure operators


Add version. remove <features.h> chore: CI for gh-pages


add action to automatically publish docs add status badge try to use github actions explicit dep on ocaml version fix link for documentation fix makefile issue update build: port inotify from oasis to dune test: correct thread type error opam: add ocamlbuild as a dependency Fix 4.02 build.


Always allocate a buffer of the maximum size for reading. Update make release to use opam-publish.

add multidistro Travis testing support


Add watch_of_int to support symmetric deserializers Remove non-functional OS X stubs, drop ancient glibc support OS X is not a supported platform Add test information to the opam file Actually fix CI. Lint opam file. Fix CI.


Add make release for OASIS. README: Use ppx style in example code. opam: Add oasis as build dependency. Update for latest findlib. Move findlib pin to master. Update README. Improve docs. Use less horrible desugared syntax in place of try_lwt. Remove camlp4 syntax from bytes → Bytes.t; bytes is not available on pre-4.02. Use patched findlib Use trunk findlib. OASIS is required on CI. -safe-string would break on pre-4.02. Add opam file. Add Document and SourceRepository sections in _oasis. Use oasis dynamic mode. Fix leftover >> by lwt extension. OCaml 4.02 compatibility. Remove dependency on camlp4. Enable more warnings.


Only build tests if --enable-tests is passed. Add dependency installation instructions to README. Use ENOENT to test error reporting. Migrate to OUnit 2. Add Travis config. Bump version to 2.0 due to incompatible changes. Report offending path when raising in inotify_add_watch. Update README. Rewrite in idiomatic OCaml and make it more efficient. Use more sensible names for Inotify items. Rewrite C stubs and properly raise Unix.Unix_error. Add Lwt_inotify.try_read. Perform proper unit testing.


Update version number. Update Makefile to ignore tests on Darwin. Update version number. Implement Lwt wrapper.


Remove oasis autogens. Updated oasis setup. Initial.