package index

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type 'a t
val equal : 'a t -> 'a t -> bool

The equality function for fanouts.

val v : hash_size:int -> entry_size:int -> int -> [ `Write ] t

v ~hash_size ~entry_size n creates a fan_out for an index with hash_size and entry_size, containing n elements.

val nb_fans : 'a t -> int

nb_fans t is the number of fans in t.

search t hash is the interval of offsets containing hash, if present.

val update : [ `Write ] t -> int -> int64 -> unit

update t hash off updates t so that hash is registered to be at offset off.

val finalize : [ `Write ] t -> [ `Read ] t

Finalizes the update of the fanout. This is mandatory before any search query.

val exported_size : 'a t -> int

exported_size t is the size of export t. This does not actually compute the encoding of t.

val export : [ `Read ] t -> string

export t is a string encoded form of t.

val import : hash_size:int -> string -> [ `Read ] t

import ~hash_size buf decodes buf such that import ~hash_size (export t) = t if t was initially created with ~hash_size.