package incr_dom

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For starting up an Incr_dom app.

val start : ?debug:bool -> ?stop:unit Async_kernel.Deferred.t -> ?named_logging_filters:(string * ('action -> bool)) list -> bind_to_element_with_id:string -> initial_model:'model -> (module App_intf.S with type Action.t = 'action and type Model.t = 'model) -> unit

start initializes a new application, including starting up Async and waiting for the initial creation of the DOM. bind_to_element_with_id determines which element the UI will be bound in to. In other words, the DOM returned by App.view will replace that element.

The application loop kicked off by start runs primarily in response to the request_animation_frame events kicked off by the browser, but it will also run approximately once a second, even if request_animation_frame never runs, as is the case in some browsers when the pane an application is running in is in the background.

module Private : sig ... end

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