A high-performance, memory-efficient, and scalable HTTP/2 library for for OCaml
Library h2
Module H2 . Config

HTTP/2 Configuration

type t = {
read_buffer_size : int;(*

read_buffer_size specifies the size of the largest frame payload that the sender is willing to receive, in octets. Defaults to 16384

request_body_buffer_size : int;(*

Defaults to 4096

response_body_buffer_size : int;(*

Defaults to 4096

enable_server_push : bool;(*

Defaults to true

max_concurrent_streams : int;(*

max_concurrent_streams specifies the maximum number of streams that the sender will allow the peer to initiate. Defaults to 1^31 - 1

initial_window_size : int;(*

initial_window_size specifies the initial window size for flow control tokens. Defaults to 65535

val default : t

default is a configuration record with all parameters set to their default values.