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Mirage support for h2








0.4.0 2019-11-05

  • h2-mirage: depend on mirage-conduit instead of conduit-mirage,
    effectively placing a lower bound of OCaml 4.07 on the next release of
    h2-mirage (#67)

  • h2-lwt-unix: replace the dune file (previously written in OCaml) with a
    (select) form to avoid depending on ocamlfind

  • h2-lwt, h2-lwt-unix, h2-mirage: Refactor interface code through common
    H2_lwt_intf and expose less (internal) types

  • h2-lwt, h2-lwt-unix, h2-mirage: Expose Client.is_closed

  • h2: Don't count peer max concurrent streams based on what the endpoint
    receives; the endpoint is responsible for selecting it

  • h2: Fix bug in Headers.remove that prevented removing the last header pair

  • h2: Fix bug in Headers.replace that prevented replacing the last header
    pair (#76)

  • h2-mirage: Adapt to Mirage 3.7 interfaces. h2_mirage now requires
    conduit-mirage >= 2.0.2 and mirage-flow >= 2.0.0

0.3.0 2019-05-04

  • h2-mirage: Provide Server and Client functors that take a
    Mirage_flow_lwt.S module as an argument

  • h2: Fix bug in the client implementation that didn't report connection
    preface errors as soon as they happened

  • h2: optimize the stream scheduler: previously when the writer yielded between
    writes, a wake up function was registered with all the (active) streams,
    which required a linear traversal of all the streams. The optimization is to
    allow every stream to wake up a global writer to which they hold a reference

  • h2: improve handling of received frames against closed streams

  • h2: in the client implementation, call the stream level error handler when
    receiving an RST_STREAM frame

  • h2-lwt-unix: fail earlier when setting up a SSL/TLS server without the
    depopts being available

  • h2-lwt-unix: improve the default ALPN negotiation mechanism in the SSL
    binding (#46)

0.2.0 2019-04-06

  • h2: Fix false negative related to receiving trailer headers with CONTINUATION
    frames (#11)

  • hpack: Fix bug where trying to add an entry to an HPACK dynamic table with 0
    capacity resulted in an out-of-bounds array access

  • h2: Add support for the 421 (Misdirected Request) status code as per

  • h2, h2-lwt, h2-lwt-unix, h2-mirage: Add an HTTP/2 client implementation

  • h2: Remove dependency on the result package

  • h2: Track SETTINGS frames that haven't been acknowledged by the peer

  • h2: Don't treat CONNECT requests as malformed

  • h2: Respect the initial MAX_FRAME_SIZE setting when allocating the
    underlying buffer for the frame writer

0.1.0 2019-03-27

  • Initial public release