package gpr

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Module type
Class type

Evaluating inducing inputs

type t

Type of inducing inputs

val choose_n_first_inputs : Spec.Kernel.t -> Spec.Inputs.t -> n_inducing:int -> Spec.Inducing.t

choose_n_first_inputs kernel inputs ~n_inducing

  • returns

    the first n_inducing inputs in inputs as inducing points given kernel.

val choose_n_random_inputs : ?rnd_state:Core.Random.State.t -> Spec.Kernel.t -> Spec.Inputs.t -> n_inducing:int -> Spec.Inducing.t

choose_n_random_inputs ?rnd_state kernel inputs ~n_inducing

  • returns

    n_inducing random inputs in inputs as inducing points given kernel and (optional) random state rnd_state.

  • parameter rnd_state

    default = default used by the Random module

calc kernel inducing_points

  • returns

    inducing inputs (= precomputed data) prepared using inducing_points and kernel.

val get_points : t -> Spec.Inducing.t

get_points kernel inducing

  • returns

    inducing points associated with the prepared inducing inputs.