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Static analysis framework for C


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Published: 27 Nov 2023



Documentation can be browsed on Read the Docs or GitHub.


Both for using an up-to-date version of Goblint or developing it, the best way is to install from source by cloning this repository. For benchmarking Goblint, please follow the Benchmarking guide on Read the Docs.


  1. Install opam.

  2. Make sure the following are installed: git, patch, m4, autoconf, libgmp-dev, libmpfr-dev and pkg-config.

  3. Run make setup to install OCaml and dependencies via opam.

  4. Run make to build Goblint itself.

  5. Run make install to install Goblint into the opam switch for usage via switch's PATH.

  6. Optional: See scripts/ for setting up bash completion for Goblint arguments.


  1. Install GCC with brew install gcc (first run xcode-select --install if you don't want to build it from source). Goblint requires GCC while macOS's default cpp is Clang, which will not work.

  2. ONLY for M1 (ARM64) processor: homebrew changed its install location from /usr/local/ to /opt/homebrew/. For packages to find their dependecies execute sudo ln -s /opt/homebrew/{include,lib} /usr/local/.

  3. Continue using Linux instructions (the formulae in brew for patch, libgmp-dev, libmpfr-dev are gpatch, gmp, mpfr, respectively).


  1. Install WSL2. Goblint is not compatible with WSL1.

  2. Continue using Linux instructions in WSL.


  • opam. Install opam and run opam install goblint.

  • devcontainer. Select "Reopen in Container" in VS Code and continue with make using Linux instructions in devcontainer.

  • Docker (GitHub Container Registry). Run docker pull (or :nightly).

  • Docker (repository). Clone and run docker build -t goblint ..

  • Vagrant. Clone and run vagrant up && vagrant ssh.


To confirm that building worked, you can try running Goblint as follows:

./goblint tests/regression/04-mutex/01-simple_rc.c

To confirm that installation into the opam switch worked, you can try running Goblint as follows:

goblint tests/regression/04-mutex/01-simple_rc.c

To confirm that the Docker container worked, you can try running Goblint as follows:

docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd):/data goblint /data/tests/regression/04-mutex/01-simple_rc.c

If pulled from GitHub Container Registry, use the container name (or :nightly) instead.

For further information, see documentation.

Dev Dependencies (5)

  1. benchmark with-test
  2. conf-ruby with-test
  3. odoc with-doc
  4. qcheck-ounit with-test
  5. ounit2 with-test

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  1. apron >= "0.9.15"
  2. result < "1.5"

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