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A front-end for the C programming language that facilitates program analysis and transformation


Dune Dependency






  • Add asm inline parsing (#151).

  • Ignore top level qualifiers in __builtin_types_compatible_p (#157).

  • Add attribute goblint_cil_nested to local variables in inner scopes (#155).

  • Expose Cil.typeSigAddAttrs.

  • Add option to suppress long double warnings (#136, #156).

  • Fix syntactic search (#147).


  • Rename Rmtmps to RmUnused (#135).

  • Add option to add return statement to noreturn functions (#129).

  • Fix empty ifs being removed (#140).

  • Fix _Float128 support (#118, #119).

  • Fix C11 _Alignas computation (#130).

  • Fix renaming and merging of inline functions based on C standard (#120, #124).

  • Fix Pretty not resetting all global state between calls (#133, #134).

  • Fix fundec location in merger (#139).

  • Fix cilly patcher (#128).

  • Disable basename by default in parser.


  • Fix scope of enum definition in return type (#112, #113).

  • Fix signed integer left shift constant folding overflow (#122, #123).

  • Fix fitsInInt for booleans (#111).

  • Mark more loop statement locations synthetic (#125).

  • Optimize integer truncation (#115).

  • Fix FrontC and Cabs2cil partial application (#116).

  • Fix external usage of freshLabel (#121).


  • Wrap library into GoblintCil module (#107).

  • Remove all MSVC support (#52, #88).

  • Port entire build process from configure/make to dune (#104).

  • Add C11 _Generic support (#48).

  • Add C11 _Noreturn support (#58).

  • Add C11 _Static_assert support (#62).

  • Add C11 _Alignof support (#66).

  • Add C11 _Alignas support (#93, #108).

  • Add partial C11 _Atomic support (#61).

  • Add _Float32, _Float64, _Float32x and _Float64x type support (#8, #60).

  • Add Universal Character Names, char16_t and char32_t type support (#80).

  • Change locations to location spans and add additional expression locations (#51).

  • Add synthetic marking for CIL-inserted statement locations (#98).

  • Expose list of files from line control directives (#73).

  • Add parsed location transformation hook (#89).

  • Use Zarith for integer constants (#47, #53).

  • Fix constant folding overflows (#59).

  • Add option to disable constant branch removal (#103).

  • Add standalone expression parsing and checking (#97, #96).

  • Improve inline function merging (#72, #85, #84, #86).

  • Fix some attribute parsing cases (#71, #75, #76, #77).

  • Fix global NaN initializers (#78, #79).

  • Fix cilly binary installation (#99, #100, #102).

  • Remove batteries dependency to support OCaml 5 (#106).

Older versions

18 November 2021: goblint-cil-1.8.2

* Add columns to locations.
* Add support for __int128, __int128_t and __uint128_t.

18 May 2021: goblint-cil-1.8.0

* Proper support for C99, (#9) and VLAs in particular (#5, #7)
* It uses [Zarith][zarith] instead of the deprecated [Num][num]
* Support for more recent OCaml versions (≥ 4.06)
* Large integer constants that do not fit in an OCaml `int` are represented as a `string` instead of getting truncated
* Syntactic search extension (#21)
* Some warnings were made optional
* Unmaintained extensions (#30) were removed
* Many bug fixes

24 July 2013: cil-1.7.3

* Fix installation of CIL library.
* Fix machine-independant flags in cilly (eg. -fPIC).

27 June 2013: cil-1.7.2

* Fix building and installation of CIL library (#138).

18 June 2013: cil-1.7.1

Improve build system, including:
* Fix make uninstall.
* Add a FORCE_PERL_PREFIX to ease installation in home directory.
* Detect OCaml native compilers automatically.
* Switch to ocamlbuild.
* Infer files to install for ocamlfind, and generate missing
  interfaces automatically.
* Cleanup autoconf scripts.

4 June 2013: cil-1.7.0

New features:
* Support for C99 flexible array members.
* Support for GCC’s “case range” extension (--useCaseRange).
* Add a “regtest” make target to run regression tests.
* cilly is now installed as a proper perl script.

Bug fixes:

* Preserve cases in switch block with attribute (thanks to Edmund
* Fix computation of __builtin_type_compatible_p.
* Do not hardcode size_t as unsigned for offsetof.
* Allow cast of functions to function pointers.
* Avoid name clashes for introduced __constr_expr.
* Handle trailing empty initializers inside arrays.
* Use correct integer kind for zero enum initializer.
* Allow symlinks to cilly (#120).
* Fix log message going to the wrong channel.
* Cleanup code, documentation and build system.

22 March 2013: cil-1.6.0

New features:

* Support for static local variables.
* Support for GCC’s “computed gotos” (or “labels as values”).
* See
  for more details.

Bug fixes:

* cilly: use -include only on first preprocessor run.
* Allow large arrays (#3604915).
* Fix caller list in EasyCallGraph.
* Use actual prime numbers in function checksum.
* Make breakString tail recursive.
* Fix parsing of char_signed with --envmachine (thanks to Haihao
* Fix MSVC build parameters for MSys (thanks to Jim Grundy).
* Various other fixes to Makefiles.

14 July 2012: cil-1.5.1

New features:

* Native versions of OCaml tool (thanks to Oliver Schwahn).

Bug fixes:

* Fixed bug in which pointer difference operations were
  incorrectly typed (#3538514, thanks to Jim Grundy).
* Merger: fix integer overflow in pragma.
* Fix various regression tests and doc generation.
  • 14 June 2012: cil-1.5.0

    New features:

    • Incompatible change: introduce a Question variant for the Cil.exp type (thanks to Elnatan Reisner). Enabled by the flag --useLogicalOperators.

    • Add support for new GCC attributes and builtins (thanks to Ben Liblit).

    • Remove trivial gotos and associated labels in useless variables elimination.

    Bug fixes:

    • Preserve const in function parameters.

    • Handle array initialization of arbitrary length.

    • Allow single character output file names in Cilly (#3499163).

    • Mitigate stack-overflow issues for large case-range in switch statements (#3480417).

    • Explicit casting for return value of va_arg (#3463364).

    • Avoid spurious warnings in loadBinaryFile (thanks to Jesse Draper).

    • Add -WX flag to CFLAGS when using the MSVC compiler (thanks to Jim Grundy).

    • Fix name collisions in global scope (#3532283, thanks to Ed Schwartz).

    • Fix types in switch statements (#3481303, thanks to Boris Yakobowski).

    • Minor build improvements (MacOS portability).

4 November 2011: cil-1.4.0

* Includes many bug fixes and a cleanup of obsolete files and Makefile
  rules. Also fix support for OCaml 3.12, add support of some gcc

* 28 May 2009: Improved 64-bit int support (large constants no longer
    cause a CIL failure). There’s a new cilint type that should be used
    to handle integer C values - cilint is essentially a big_int so will
    be able to handle future expansion. To get the value represented by
    a CInt64(n, ik, _) constant, call mkCilint ik n — this will give you
    the correct value for unsigned 64-bit C constants stored in a signed
    OCaml int64.

    In a related move, the already deprecated unbox_int_exp,
    box_int_to_exp and cil_to_ocaml_int functions have been removed. And
    convertInts, isInteger, truncateInteger64 are now deprecated and
    will be removed in a future release.

24 April 2009: cil-1.3.7

Includes change below and other miscellaneous bug fixes.

* 22 April 2009: ocamlbuild make target added (thanks to Gabriel

* 21 April 2009: __builtin_va_arg_pack support: calls to this builtin
    need to remain as the last argument to a function call. So to
    prevent CIL’s usual rewriting, we internally represent calls to
    __builtin_va_arg_pack as sizeof(__builtin_va_arg_pack)…

* 21 April 2009: _Bool support, thanks to patches from Christopher
    Ian Stern (Sourceforge bug #1497763).

    This leads to the addition of a new integer kind, IBool which you
    might have to handle in some of your patterns. Note also, for those
    not familiar with _Bool, that casts/conversion to _Bool give the
    value 1 for non-zero values, and 0 otherwise (i.e. (_Bool)x behaves
    like x \!= 0).

* 20 April 2009: Update builtin support, including __builtin_strlen
    (Sourceforge bug #1873374), __builtin_choose_expr,
    __builtin_types_compatible_p (Sourceforge bug #1852730). For the
    latter two, we evaluate them in CIL (in line with the earlier
    handling of __builtin_constant_p).

    Note that as part of these fixes, mkAddrOf no longer replaces &a[0]
    with a, as this can break typeof (Sourceforge bug #1852730 involves
    a use of typeof(&a[0])).

    Typo fixes from Gabriel Kerneis.

* 17 April 2009: Update extern inline handling to match current gcc
    versions (Sourceforge bug #1689503): the actual definition is always
    preferred over the extern inline one. CIL handles this by
    suppressing the extern inline definition (replacing it by a
    declaration) if it sees a real definition. However, if no real
    definition exists, you will get a CIL varinfo for an inline function
    with storage class extern…

    You can revert to CIL’s previous handling of extern inline by
    setting oldstyleExternInline to true.

* 16 April 2009: Add allStmts function to, and remove public
    visibility of nodeList and numNodes (Sourceforge bug #1819746).

* 15 April 2009: Fix Sourceforge bugs #2265867 (bad constant folding
    of unary minus), #2134504 (truncation warning), #1811676 (typo).

* 13 April 2009: Recognize gcc’s -m32 and -m64 flags that select
    between 32 and 64 bit targets.

* 8 April 2009: Rename libcil.a to libcil.o (ocaml 3.11 forces us to
    use the correct extension).

* 7 April 2009: Add LLVM bitcode generator (partial C support, target
    32-bit x86 only).

* 7 April 2009: Support enums over greater-than-int types (gcc

* 19 September 2008: Remove excess newlines in warnings and errors.

* 30 August 2008: Added an install-findlib Make target for ocamlfind.
    Thanks to ploc for the patch.

* 28 May 2008: Cross-compilation support: ability to select a machine
    model specified in an environment variable (CIL_MACHINE). See for

* 2 July 2008: Add a --gcc option to cilly to tell it to use a
    particular version of gcc (useful for cross-compilation

* 14 February 2008: Fixed a bug in temporary file creation. Thanks to
    J. Aaron Pendergrass for the patch.

* 30 November 2007: Fixed a bug in assignment to lvalues that depend
    on themselves.

* 4 April 2007: Benjamin Monate fixed a bug in Cfg for empty loop bodies.

* 29 March 2007: Polyvios Pratikakis fixed a bug in

* 15 March 2007: Added support for __attribute__((aligned)) and

* 7 March 2007: typeOf(StartOf _) now preserves the attributes of the

* 22 February 2007: Added an inliner (ext/

* 21 February 2007: We now constant-fold bitfield expressions. Thanks
    to Virgile Prevosto for the patch.

* 13 February 2007: gcc preprocessor arguments passed using -Wp are
    now used only during initial preproccessing, not for the
    preprocessing after CIL. This fixes problems in the Linux makefiles
    with dependency generation.

* 6 February 2007: Fixed parseInt for non-32 bit architectures.

5 February 2007: cil-1.3.6

* 2 February 2007: Improved the way CIL gets configured for the
    actual definitions of size_t and wchar_t.

* 1 February 2007: Fixed the parser to support the unused attribute
    on labels. For now, we just drop this attribute since Rmtmps will
    remove unused labels anyways. Thanks to Peter Hawkins for the patch.

* 18 January 2007: Require the destination of a Call to have the same
    type as the function’s return type, even if it means inserting a
    temporary. To get the old behavior, set Cabs2cil.doCollapseCallCast
    to true as described in .

* 17 January 2007: Fix for __builtin_offsetof when the field name is
    also a typedef name.

* 17 January 2007: Fixed loadBinaryFile (Sourceforge bug #1548894).
    You should only use loadBinaryFile if no other code has been
    loaded or generated in the current CIL process, since
    loadBinaryFile needs to load some global state.

* 18 December 2006: The --stats flag now gets the CPU speed at
    runtime rather than configure-time, so binary executables can be
    moved to different computers.

* 14 December 2006: Fixed various warnings and errors on 64-bit

* 26 November 2006: Christoph Spiel added “--no” options to many of
    CIL’s command-line flags.

* 21 November 2006: Merged gccBuiltins and msvcBuiltins into a single
    table builtinFunctions that is initialized by initCIL.

* 28 October 2006: Added the field vdescr to the varinfo struct to
    remember what value is stored in certain CIL-introduced
    temporary variables.  For example, if CIL adds a temporary to
    store the result of foo(a,b), then the description will be
    “foo(a,b)”. The new printer descriptiveCilPrinter will
    substitute descriptions for the names of temporaries. The result
    is not necessarily valid C, but it may let you produce more
    helpful error messages in your analysis tools: “The value
    foo(a,b) may be tainted” vs. “The value __cil_tmp29 may be

* 27 October 2006: Fixed a bug with duplicate entries in the
    statement list of Switch nodes, and forbade duplicate default cases.

* 12 October 2006: Added a new function expToAttrParam that attempts
    to convert an expression into a attribute parameter.

* 12 October 2006: Added an attribute with the length of the array,
    when array types of formal arguments are converted to pointer types.

* 29 September 2006: Benjamin Monate fixed a bug in compound local
    initializers that was causing duplicate code to be added.

* 9 August 2006: Changed the patcher to print “#line nnn” directives
    instead of “# nnn”.

* 6 August 2006: Joseph Koshy patched ./configure for FreeBSD on

* 27 July 2006: CIL files now include the prototypes of builtin
    functions (such as __builtin_va_arg). This preserves the invariant
    that every function call has a corresponding function or function
    prototype in the file. However, the prototypes of builtins are not
    printed in the output files.

* 23 July 2006: Incorporated some fixes for the constant folding for
    lvalues, and fixed grammatical errors. Thanks to Christian Stork.

* 23 July 2006: Changed the way ./configure works. We now generate
    the file Makefile.features to record the configuration features.
    This is because autoconf does not work properly with multiline

* 21 July 2006: Cleaned up the printing of some Lvals. Things that
    were printed as “(*i)” before are now printed simply as “*i” (no
    parentheses). However, this means that when you use pLval to print
    lvalues inside expressions, you must take care about parentheses
    yourself. Thanks to Benjamin Monate for pointing this out.

* 21 July 2006: Added new hooks to the Usedef and
    Dataflow.BackwardsTransfer APIs. Code that uses these will need to
    be changed slightly. Also, updated the Cfg code to handle noreturn

* 17 July 2006: Fix parsing of attributes on bitfields and empty
    attribute lists. Thanks to Peter Hawkins.

* 10 July 2006: Fix Makefile problem for FreeBSD. Thanks to Joseph
    Koshy for the patch.

* 25 June 2006: Extended the inline assembly to support named
    arguments, as added in gcc 3.0. This changes the types of the input
    and output lists from “(string * lval) list” to
    “(string option * string * lval) list”. Some existing code will need
    to be modified accordingly.

* 11 June 2006: Removed the function Cil.foldLeftCompoundAll. Use
    instead foldLeftCompound with ~implicit:true.

* 9 June 2006: Extended the definition of the cilVisitor for
    initializers to pass more information around. This might result in
    backward incompatibilities with code that uses the visitor for

* 2 June 2006: Added --commPrintLnSparse flag.

* 1 June 2006: Christian Stork provided some fixes for the handling
    of variable argument functions.

* 1 June 2006: Added support for x86 performance counters on 64-bit
    processors. Thanks to tbergen for the patch.

* 23 May 2006: Benjamin Monate fixed a lexer bug when a preprocessed
    file is missing a final newline.

* 23 May 2006: Fix for typeof(e) when e has type void.

20 May 2006: cil-1.3.5

* 19 May 2006: have been renamed And has been renamed

* 18 May 2006: Added a new module Cfg to compute the control-flow
    graph.  Unlike the older computeCFGInfo, the new version does
    not modify the code.

* 18 May 2006: Added several new analyses: reaching definitions,
    available expressions, liveness analysis, and dead code
    elimination.  See .

* 2 May 2006: Added a flag --noInsertImplicitCasts. When this flag
  is used, CIL code will only include casts inserted by the
  programmer.  Implicit coercions are not changed to explicit casts.

* 16 April 2006: Minor improvements to the --stats flag (). We now
    use Pentium performance counters by default, if your processor
    supports them.

* 10 April 2006: Extended machdep.c to support microcontroller
    compilers where the struct alignment of integer types does not
    match the size of the type. Thanks to Nathan Cooprider for the

* 6 April 2006: Fix for global initializers of unions when the union
    field being initialized is not the first one, and for missing
    initializers of unions when the first field is not the largest

* 6 April 2006: Fix for bitfields in the SFI module.

* 6 April 2006: Various fixes for gcc attributes. packed, section,
    and always_inline attributes are now parsed correctly. Also
    fixed printing of attributes on enum types.

* 30 March 2006: Fix for, which deletes unused inline
    functions. When in gcc mode CIL now leaves all inline functions
    in place, since gcc treats these as externally visible.

* 3 March 2006: Assume inline assembly instructions can fall through
    for the purposes of adding return statements. Thanks to Nathan
      Cooprider for the patch.

* 27 February 2006: Fix for extern inline functions when the output
    of CIL is fed back into CIL.

* 30 January 2006: Fix parsing of switch without braces.

* 30 January 2006: Allow ‘$’ to appear in identifiers.

* 13 January 2006: Added support for gcc’s alias attribute on
    functions. See , item 8.

* 9 December 2005: Christoph Spiel fixed the Golf and Olf modules so
    that Golf can be used with the points-to analysis. He also added
    performance fixes and cleaned up the documentation.

* 1 December 2005: Major rewrite of the ext/callgraph module.

* 1 December 2005: Preserve enumeration constants in CIL. Default is
    the old behavior to replace them with integers.

* 30 November 2005: Added support for many GCC __builtin functions.

* 30 November 2005: Added the EXTRAFEATURES configure option, making
    it easier to add Features to the build process.

* 23 November 2005: In MSVC mode do not remove any locals whose name
    appears as a substring in an inline assembly.

* 23 November 2005: Do not add a return to functions that have the
    noreturn attribute.

22 November 2005: cil-1.3.4

* 21 November 2005: Performance and correctness fixes for the
    Points-to Analysis module. Thanks to Christoph Spiel for the

* 5 October 2005: CIL now builds on SPARC/Solaris. Thanks to Nick
    Petroni and Remco van Engelen for the patches.

* 26 September 2005: CIL no longer uses the ‘-I-’ flag by default
    when preprocessing with gcc.

* 24 August 2005: Added a command-line option “--forceRLArgEval”
    that forces function arguments to be evaluated right-to-left.
    This is the default behavior in unoptimized gcc and MSVC, but
    the order of evaluation is undefined when using optimizations,
    unless you apply this CIL transformation. This flag does not
    affect the order of evaluation of e.g. binary operators, which
    remains undefined. Thanks to Nathan Cooprider for the patch.

* 9 August 2005: Fixed merging when there are more than 20 input

* 3 August 2005: When merging, it is now an error to declare the
    same global variable twice with different initializers.

* 27 July 2005: Fixed bug in transparent unions.

* 27 July 2005: Fixed bug in collectInitializer. Thanks to Benjamin
    Monate for the patch.

* 26 July 2005: Better support for extended inline assembly in gcc.

* 26 July 2005: Added many more gcc __builtin* functions to CIL.
    Most are treated as Call instructions, but a few are translated
    into expressions so that they can be used in global
    initializers. For example, “__builtin_offsetof(t, field)” is
    rewritten as “&((t*)0)->field”, the traditional way of
    calculating an offset.

* 18 July 2005: Fixed bug in the constant folding of shifts when the
    second argument was negative or too large.

* 18 July 2005: Fixed bug where casts were not always inserted in
    function calls.

* 10 June 2005: Fixed bug in the code that makes implicit returns
    explicit. We weren’t handling switch blocks correctly.

1 June 2005: cil-1.3.3

* 31 May 2005: Fixed handling of noreturn attribute for function

* 30 May 2005: Fixed bugs in the handling of constructors in gcc.

* 30 May 2005: Fixed bugs in the generation of global variable IDs.

* 27 May 2005: Reimplemented the translation of function calls so
    that we can intercept some builtins. This is important for the
    uses of __builtin_constant_p in constants.

* 27 May 2005: Export the plainCilPrinter, for debugging.

* 27 May 2005: Fixed bug with printing of const attribute for

* 27 May 2005: Fixed bug in generation of type signatures. Now they
    should not contain expressions anymore, so you can use
    structural equality. This used to lead to Out_of_Memory

* 27 May 2005: Fixed bug in type comparisons using TBuiltin_va_list.

* 27 May 2005: Improved the constant folding in array lengths and
    case expressions.

* 27 May 2005: Added the __builtin_frame_address to the set of gcc

* 27 May 2005: Added the CIL project to SourceForge.

* 23 April 2005: The cattr field was not visited.

* 6 March 2005: Debian packaging support

* 16 February 2005: Merger fixes.

* 11 February 2005: Fixed a bug in --dopartial. Thanks to Nathan
    Cooprider for this fix.

* 31 January 2005: Make sure the input file is closed even if a
    parsing error is encountered.

11 January 2005: cil-1.3.2

* 11 January 2005: Fixed printing of integer constants whose integer
    kind is shorter than an int.

* 11 January 2005: Added checks for negative size arrays and arrays
    too big.

* 10 January 2005: Added support for GCC attribute “volatile” for
    tunctions (as a synonim for noreturn).

* 10 January 2005: Improved the comparison of array sizes when
    comparing array types.

* 10 January 2005: Fixed handling of shell metacharacters in the
    cilly command lione.

* 10 January 2005: Fixed dropping of cast in initialization of local
    variable with the result of a function call.

* 10 January 2005: Fixed some structural comparisons that were
    broken in the Ocaml 3.08.

* 10 January 2005: Fixed the unrollType function to not forget

* 10 January 2005: Better keeping track of locations of function
    prototypes and definitions.

* 10 January 2005: Fixed bug with the expansion of enumeration
    constants in attributes.

* 18 October 2004: Fixed a bug in CIl would wrap a
    BLOCK around a single atom unnecessarily.

7 August 2004: cil-1.3.1

* 4 August 2004: Fixed a bug in splitting of structs using

* 29 July 2004: Minor changes to the type typeSig (type signatures)
    to ensure that they do not contain types, so that you can do
    structural comparison without danger of nontermination.

* 28 July 2004: Ocaml version 3.08 is required. Numerous small
    changes while porting to Ocaml 3.08.

7 July 2004: cil-1.2.6

* 2 July 2004: Character constants such as ’c’ should have type int,
    not char. Added a utility function Cil.charConstToInt that
    sign-extends chars greater than 128, if needed.

* 2 July 2004: Fixed a bug that was casting values to int before
    applying the logical negation operator !. This caused problems
    for floats, and for integer types bigger than int.

* 13 June 2004: Added the field sallstmts to a function description,
    to hold all statements in the function.

* 13 June 2004: Added new extensions for data flow analyses, and for
    computing dominators.

* 10 June 2004: Force initialization of CIL at the start of

* 9 June 2004: Added support for GCC __attribute_used__

7 April 2004: cil-1.2.5

* 7 April 2004: Allow now to run ./configure CC=cl and set the MSVC
    compiler to be the default. The MSVC driver will now select the
    default name of the .exe file like the CL compiler.

* 7 April 2004: Fixed a bug in the driver. The temporary files are
    deleted by the Perl script before the CL compiler gets to them?

* 7 April 2004: Added the - form of arguments to the MSVC driver.

* 7 April 2004: Added a few more GCC-specific string escapes, (, [,
    {, %, E.

* 7 April 2004: Fixed bug with continuation lines in MSVC.

* 6 April 2004: Fixed embarassing bug in the parser: the precedence
    of casts and unary operators was switched.

* 5 April 2004: Fixed a bug involving statements mixed between
    declarations containing initializers. Now we make sure that the
    initializers are run in the proper order with respect to the

* 5 April 2004: Fixed a bug in the merger. The merger was keeping
    separate alpha renaming talbes (namespaces) for variables and
    types.  This means that it might end up with a type and a
    variable named the same way, if they come from different files,
    which breaks an important CIL invariant.

* 11 March 2004 : Fixed a bug in the Cil.copyFunction function. The
    new local variables were not getting fresh IDs.

* 5 March 2004: Fixed a bug in the handling of static function
    prototypes in a block scope. They used to be renamed. Now we
    just consider them global.

20 February 2004: cil-1.2.4

* 15 February 2004: Changed the parser to allow extra semicolons
    after field declarations.

* 14 February 2004: Changed the Errormsg functions: error, unimp,
    bug to not raise an exception. Instead they just set

* 13 February 2004: Change the parsing of attributes to recognize
    enumeration constants.

* 10 February 2004: In some versions of gcc the identifier _{thread
    is an identifier and in others it is a keyword. Added code
    during configuration to detect which is the case.

7 January 2004: cil-1.2.3

* 7 January 2004: Changed the alpha renamer to be less conservative.
    It will remember all versions of a name that were seen and will
    only create a new name if we have not seen one.

* 30 December 2003 : Extended the cilly command to understand better
    linker command options -lfoo.

* 5 December 2003: Added markup commands to the pretty-printer
    module. Also, changed the “@<” left-flush command into “@^”.

* 4 December 2003: Wide string literals are now handled directly by
    Cil (rather than being exploded into arrays). This is apparently
    handy for Microsoft Device Driver APIs that use intrinsic
    functions that require literal constant wide-string arguments.

* 3 December 2003: Added support for structured exception handling
    extensions for the Microsoft compilers.

* 1 December 2003: Fixed a Makefile bug in the generation of the Cil
    library (e.g., cil.cma) that was causing it to be unusable.
    Thanks to KEvin Millikin for pointing out this bug.

* 26 November 2003: Added support for linkage specifications (extern

* 26 November 2003: Added the ocamlutil directory to contain some
    utilities shared with other projects.

25 November 2003: cil-1.2.2

* 24 November 2003: Fixed a bug that allowed a static local to
    conflict with a global with the same name that is declared later
    in the file.

* 24 November 2003: Removed the --keep option of the cilly driver
    and replaced it with --save-temps.

* 24 November 2003: Added printing of what CIL features are being

* 24 November 2003: Fixed a bug that resulted in attributes being
    dropped for integer types.

* 11 November 2003: Fixed a bug in the visitor for enumeration

* 24 October 2003: Fixed a problem in the configuration script. It
    was not recognizing the Ocaml version number for beta versions.

* 15 October 2003: Fixed a problem in version 1.2.1 that was
    preventing compilation on OCaml 3.04.

17 September 2003: cil-1.2.1

* 7 September 2003: Redesigned the interface for choosing #line
    directive printing styles. Cil.printLn and Cil.printLnComment
    have been merged into Cil.lineDirectiveStyle.

* 8 August 2003: Do not silently pad out functions calls with
    arguments to match the prototype.

* 1 August 2003: A variety of fixes suggested by Steve Chamberlain:
    initializers for externs, prohibit float literals in enum,
    initializers for unsized arrays were not working always, an
    overflow problem in Ocaml, changed the processing of attributes
    before struct specifiers

* 14 July 2003: Add basic support for GCC’s "__thread" storage
    qualifier. If given, it will appear as a "thread" attribute at
    the top of the type of the declared object. Treatment is very
    similar to "__declspec(...)" in MSVC

* 8 July 2003: Fixed some of the __alignof computations. Fixed bug
    in the designated initializers for arrays (Array.get error).

* 8 July 2003: Fixed infinite loop bug (Stack Overflow) in the
    visitor for __alignof.

* 8 July 2003: Fixed bug in the conversion to CIL. A function or
    array argument of the GCC __typeof() was being converted to
    pointer type. Instead, it should be left alone, just like for

* 7 July 2003: New Escape module provides utility functions for
    escaping characters and strings in accordance with C lexical

* 2 July 2003: Relax CIL’s rules for when two enumeration types are
    considered compatible. Previously CIL considered two enums to be
    compatible if they were the same enum. Now we follow the C99

* 28 June 2003: In the Formatparse module, Eric Haugh found and
    fixed a bug in the handling of lvalues of the form

* 28 June 2003: Extended the handling of gcc command lines arguments
    in the Perl scripts.

* 23 June 2003: In Rmtmps module, simplified the API for customizing
    the root set. Clients may supply a predicate that returns true
    for each root global. Modifying various “referenced” fields
    directly is no longer supported.

* 17 June 2003: Reimplement internal utility routine
    Cil.escape_char. Faster and better.

* 14 June 2003: Implemented support for __attribute__s appearing
    between "struct" and the struct tag name (also for unions and
    enums), since gcc supports this as documented in section 4.30 of
    the gcc (2.95.3) manual

28 May 2003: cil-1.1.2

* 26 May 2003: Add the simplify module that compiles CIL expressions
    into simpler expressions, similar to those that appear in a
    3-address intermediate language.

* 26 May 2003: Various fixes and improvements to the pointer
    analysis modules.

* 26 May 2003: Added optional consistency checking for

* 25 May 2003: Added configuration support for big endian machines.
    Now little_endian can be used to test whether the machine is
    little endian or not.

* 22 May 2003: Fixed a bug in the handling of inline functions. The
    CIL merger used to turn these functions into “static”, which is

* 22 May 2003: Expanded the CIL consistency checker to verify
    undesired sharing relationships between data structures.

* 22 May 2003: Fixed bug in the oneret CIL module: it was
    mishandling certain labeled return statements.

5 May 2003: cil-1.0.11

* 5 May 2003: OS X (powerpc/darwin) support for CIL. Special thanks
    to Jeff Foster, Andy Begel and Tim Leek.

* 30 April 2003: Better description of how to use CIL for your

* 28 April 2003: Fixed a bug with --dooneRet and --doheapify.
    Thanks, Manos Renieris.

* 16 April 2003: Reworked management of temporary/intermediate
    output files in Perl driver scripts. Default behavior is now to
    remove all such files. To keep intermediate files, use one of
    the following existing flags:

    * --keepmerged for the single-file merge of all sources

    * --keep=<dir> for various other CIL and CCured output files

    * --save-temps for various gcc intermediate files; MSVC has no
      equivalent option

    As part of this change, some intermediate files have changed
    their names slightly so that new suffixes are always preceded by
    a period.  For example, CCured output that used to appear in
    “foocured.c” now appears in “foo.cured.c”.

* 7 April 2003: Changed the representation of the GVar global
    constructor.  Now it is possible to update the initializer
    without reconstructing the global (which in turn it would
    require reconstructing the list of globals that make up a
    program). We did this because it is often tempting to use
    visitCilFileSameGlobals and the GVar was the only global that
    could not be updated in place.

* 6 April 2003: Reimplemented parts of the script to make
    it more robust in the presence of complex compiler arguments.

10 March 2003: cil-1.0.9

* 10 March 2003: Unified and documented a large number of CIL
    Library Modules: oneret, simplemem, makecfg, heapify,
    stackguard, partial.  Also documented the main client interface
    for the pointer analysis.

* 18 February 2003: Fixed a bug in logwrites that was causing it to
    produce invalid C code on writes to bitfields. Thanks, David

15 February 2003: cil-1.0.8

* 15 February 2003: PDF versions of the manual and API are available
    for those who would like to print them out.

* 14 February 2003: CIL now comes bundled with alias analyses.

* 11 February 2003: Added support for adding/removing options from

3 February 2003: cil-1.0.7

* 1 February 2003: Some bug fixes in the handling of variable
    argument functions in new versions of gcc And glibc.

* 29 January 2003: Added the logical AND and OR operators. Exapanded
    the translation to CIL to handle more complicated initializers
    (including those that contain logical operators).

28 January 2003: cil-1.0.6

* 28 January 2003: Added support for the new handling of
    variable-argument functions in new versions of glibc.

* 19 January 2003: Added support for declarations in interpreted
    constructors. Relaxed the semantics of the patterns for

* 17 January 2003: Added built-in prototypes for the gcc built-in
    functions. Changed the pGlobal method in the printers to print
    the carriage return as well.

* 9 January 2003: Reworked lexer and parser’s strategy for tracking
    source file names and line numbers to more closely match typical
    native compiler behavior. The visible CIL interface is

* 9 January 2003: Changed the interface to the alpha convertor. Now
    you can pass a list where it will record undo information that
    you can use to revert the changes that it makes to the scope

6 January 2003: cil-1.0.5

* 4 January 2003: Changed the interface for the Formatcil module.
    Now the placeholders in the pattern have names. Also expanded
    the documentation of the Formatcil module. Now the placeholders
    in the pattern have names.

* 3 January 2003: Extended the rmtmps module to also remove unused
    labels that are generated in the conversion to CIL. This reduces
    the number of warnings that you get from cgcc afterwards.

* 17 December 2002: Fixed a few bugs in CIL related to the
    representation of string literals. The standard says that a
    string literal is an array. In CIL, a string literal has type
    pointer to character. This is Ok, except as an argument of
    sizeof. To support this exception, we have added to CIL the
    expression constructor SizeOfStr. This allowed us to fix bugs
    with computing sizeof("foo bar") and sizeof((char*)"foo bar")
    (the former is 8 and the latter is 4).

* 8 December 2002: Fixed a few bugs in the lexer and parser relating
    to hex and octal escapes in string literals. Also fixed the
    dependencies between the lexer and parser.

* 5 December 2002: Fixed visitor bugs that were causing some
    attributes not to be visited and some queued instructions to be

* 3 December 2002: Added a transformation to catch stack overflows.
    Fixed the heapify transformation.

14 October 2002: cil-1.0.4

* 14 October 2002: CIL is now available under the BSD license (see
    the License section or the file LICENSE).

9 October 2002: cil-1.0.3

* 9 October 2002: More FreeBSD configuration changes, support for
    the GCC-ims __signed and __volatile. Thanks to Axel Simon for
    pointing out these problems.

* 8 October 2002: FreeBSD configuration and porting fixes. Thanks to
    Axel Simon for pointing out these problems.

* 10 September 2002: Fixed bug in conversion to CIL. Now we drop all
    “const” qualifiers from the types of locals, even from the
    fields of local structures or elements of arrays.

* 7 September 2002: Extended visitor interface to distinguish
    visiting offsets inside lvalues from offsets inside initializer

7 September 2002: cil-1.0.1

* 6 September 2002: Extended the patcher with the ateof flag.

* 4 September 2002: Fixed bug in the elaboration to CIL. In some
    cases constant folding of || and && was computed wrong.

* 3 September 2002: Fixed the merger documentation.

29 August 2002: cil-1.0.0

* 29 August 2002: Started numbering versions with a major nubmer,
    minor and revisions.

* 25 August 2002: Fixed the implementation of the unique identifiers
    for global variables and composites. Now those identifiers are
      globally unique.

* 24 August 2002: Added to the machine-dependent configuration the
    sizeofvoid. It is 1 on gcc and 0 on MSVC. Extended the
    implementation of Cil.bitsSizeOf to handle this (it was
    previously returning an error when trying to compute the size of

* 24 August 2002: Changed the representation of structure and unions
    to distinguish between undefined structures and those that are
    defined to be empty (allowed on gcc). The sizeof operator is
    undefined for the former and returns 0 for the latter.

* 22 August 2002: Apply a patch from Richard H. Y. to support
    FreeBSD installations. Thanks, Richard!

* 12 August 2002: Fixed a bug in the translation of wide-character
    strings. Now this translation matches that of the underlying
    compiler. Changed the implementation of the compiler

* 25 May 2002: Added interpreted constructors and destructors.

* 17 May 2002: Changed the representation of functions to move the
    “inline” information to the varinfo. This way we can print the
    “inline” even in declarations which is what gcc does.

* 15 May 2002: Changed the visitor for initializers to make two
    tail-recursive passes (the second is a List.rev and only done if
    one of the initializers change). This prevents Stack_Overflow
    for large initializers. Also improved the processing of
      initializers when converting to CIL.

* 15 May 2002: Changed the front-end to allow the use of MSVC mode
    even on machines that do not have MSVC. The machine-dependent
    parameters for GCC will be used in that case.

* 11 May 2002: Changed the representation of formals in function
    types. Now the function type is purely functional.

* 4 May 2002: Added the function visitCilFileSameGlobals and changed
    visitCilFile to be tail recursive.  This prevents stack overflow
    on huge files.

* 28 February 2002: Changed the significance of the CompoundInit in
    init to allow for missing initializers at the end of an array
    initializer. Added the API function foldLeftCompoundAll.

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