package gitlab_pipeline_notifier

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Watches GitLab pipelines and notifies on status updates using 'send-notify'


Dune Dependency





gitlab-pipeline-notifier watches the pipelines in the specified projects periodically (by default, every minute), optionally belonging to the specified user, for status updates. It sends a notification using 'notify-send' when:

  • pipelines that start running

  • pipelines that terminate with success or failure.


From sources using opam

opam switch create . 4.14.0
opam install dune . --deps-only
dune build


Usage: dune exec bin/main.exe -- [options]

Starting in the background on startup

See the script scripts/ This starts the notifier in a detached tmux session. Run this script on startup (using e.g. startup for Ubuntu). You can now attach to the notifier session by issuing:

tmux attach-session -t gitlab-pipeline-notifier

Configuration file

In addition to options below, gitlab-pipeline-notifier can be configured in the gl-cfg.json in current working directory. Here's an annotated example;

    // A GitLab personal access token, which must be provided either on the
    // command line or here
    "gitlab-token": "glpat-...",
    // A list of project references. Projects can be referred to either by their
    // short id ('[NAMESPACE]/[PROJECT_NAME]') or by their numeric project id.
    "projects": [

Both keys gitlab-token and projects are optional. Command-line arguments take precedence over the configuration file.


Options are:

  • -i Set log level info (default).

  • -v Set log level debug.

  • -s Set log level to error.

  • --username <TOKEN> GitLab username.

  • --interval <SECONDS> Polling interval. Default, 60.000000.

  • -t <SECONDS> same as --interval.

  • --private-token <TOKEN> GitLab private token.

  • --projects <PROJECT_ID> GitLab project reference: either a project id or a namespace/name short ref.

  • -help Display this list of options

  • --help Display this list of options