package gettext

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Modules to use in libraries and programs.

  • author Sylvain Le Gall

This module defines all the function required to use gettext. The primary design is to use applicative function. The "side effect" of such a choice is that you must defines, before using any function, all the text domains, codeset et al. When building a library, you should give access to Library.init (by defining a gettext_init = YouLibrary.init). This is required to enable string translation in the library and programs that uses the library. The only function missing here is the realize function. This function is defined in a real implementation library :


val string_of_exception : exn -> string

Return the string representation of a ocaml-gettext exception.

High level interfaces

Value of the dependencies for the initialization of the library Gettext (for translating exception and help message).

module Library (Init : GettextTypes.INIT_TYPE) : sig ... end

Module to handle typical library requirement

module Program (Init : GettextTypes.INIT_TYPE) (Realize : GettextTypes.REALIZE_TYPE) : sig ... end

Module to handle typical program requirement


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