package gen_js_api

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Easy OCaml bindings for JavaScript libraries


Dune Dependency






Version 1.0.7

  • GPR#140: Adds a deprecation warning the automatic heuristic is used (@mlasson)

  • GPR#139: Rename things for backward compatibility (@mlasson)

  • GPR#135: UTF-8 support for (Ojs.get/set/delete) adaptions (@mlasson)

  • GPR#132: Add support for indexers and "callable" objects (@cannorin)

  • GPR#130: Javascript -> JavaScript (@smorimoto)

  • GPR#129: Add GitHub Actions workflow (@smorimoto)

  • GPR#128: Bucklescript -> ReScript (also add genType ppx as a resource) (@ryyppy)

  • GPR#127: Support boolean "enum"s and boolean union discriminators (@cannorin)

  • GPR#125: js.custom attribute for type declaration to support custom mapping #125 (@cannorin)

  • GPR#123: Upgrade ppx to the ocaml 4.11 ast (@hhugo)

  • GPR#120: Split runtime library to own package (@rgrinberg)

  • GPR#118: Add ppx tests setup (@jchavarri, @mlasson)

  • GPR#115: Support for functors and module inclusion (@mlasson)

  • GPR#114: Dependency tweaks (@rgrinberg)

  • GPR#113: Add support for type variables (@jchavarri, @mlasson)

  • GPR#111: Better ppxlib integration (@hhugo)

  • GPR#110: Include payload in extension node (@nojb)

Version 1.0.6

  • GPR #101: Adds travis support + use ocaml-migrate-parsetree (@mlasson)

  • GPR #94: Typo: correct wrong 'apply_arr' to 'apply' (@facelesspanda)

  • GPR #89: Update the opam file (@hhugo)

  • GPR #87: Switch to dune (@hhugo)

  • GPR #88: Fix some warnings (@hhugo)

  • GRP #85: Adapt to 4.08 (@nojb)

Version 1.0.5

  • Adapt to OCaml 4.06

Version 1.0.4

  • Adapt to OCaml 4.05.