package functoria

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Information about the final application.

type t

The type for information about the final application.

val name : t -> string

name t is the name of the application.

val output : t -> string option

output t is the name of t's output. Derived from name if not set.

val with_output : t -> string -> t

with_output t o is similar to t but with the output set to Some o.

val root : t -> Fpath.t

Directory in which the configuration is done.

val libraries : t -> string list

OCamlfind libraries needed by the project at runtime.

val package_names : t -> string list

OPAM packages names needed by the project at runtime.

val packages : t -> package list

OPAM packages needed by the project.

val keys : t -> key list

Keys declared by the project.

val context : t -> context

parsed t is a value representing the command-line argument being parsed.

val create : packages:package list -> keys:key list -> context:context -> name:string -> root:Fpath.t -> t

create context n r contains information about the application being built.

val pp : bool -> t Fmt.t
val opam : ?name:string -> t Fmt.t

opam t generates an opam file including all dependencies. If set, name will be used as package name, otherwise use name.


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