package functoria-runtime

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Functoria runtime.

module Arg : sig ... end

Arg defines command-line arguments which can be set at runtime. This module is the runtime companion of Functoria.Key. It exposes a subset of Cmdliner.Arg.

module Key : sig ... end

Key defines values that can be set by runtime command-line arguments. This module is the runtime companion of Key.

val argument_error : int

argument_error is the exit code used for argument parsing errors: 64.

val with_argv : unit Cmdliner.Term.t list -> string -> string array -> unit

with_argv keys name argv evaluates the keys terms on the command-line argv. name is the executable name. On evaluation error the application calls exit(3) with status 64. If `Help or `Version were evaluated, exit(3) is called with status 63.

type info = {
  1. name : string;
  2. libraries : (string * string) list;

    the result of dune-build-info


The type for build information available at runtime.