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Functional monadic library


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Release 0.5.9

Bugfix release to fix a bug in unicode parsers by parsing empty input streams.

Release 0.5.8

  • Fmlib_browser:

    Added parallel execution of tasks.

  • Fmlib_parse:

    Added unicode parsing

    Added byte_position and byte_offset to module Position

    Added and streamlined support for partial parsing. In particular the parsers with lexers support fully partial parsers. Glueing of partial parsers now works with fold_lookahead or transfer_lookahead.

Release 0.5.7

  • Fmlib_parse::

    Fix: Bug in Source_extractor, introduced in the previous release.

    Added Parse_with_lexer.range to return the range of the token which caused a syntax error.

Release 0.5.6

  • Fmlib_parse:

    • module Position distinguishes byte and character position. The absolute byte offset from the beginning of the file is included.

Release 0.5.5

  • Fmlib_parse:

    • Fix: In a parser with a separate lexer a syntax error in the lexer immedately before the end of input had not been reported correctly.

    • More documentation on parsers with lexers.

    • More functionality in the module Character to support writing of lexers. E.g. make_partial, restart_partial, lexer.

    • Removed duplicate module Error_reporter.

  • Fmlib_browser:

    • Added subscription on_animation.

    • Added and

    • Text in textnodes is now overwritten instead of creating a new node.

  • Fmlib_std:

    • Improved Array and Btree to exploit physical identity. An update operation where the new element is the same as the original element can be ignored.

Release 0.5.4

  • Fmlib_browser:

    • Added debug functions

    • Fix: Set value property and not value attribute. Reason: The browser updates only the property and not the attribute.

    • Added sandbox_plus (a sandbox with subscriptions) and basic_application(an application without javascript communication).

    • Added namespace elements and svg elements.

    • Added Subscription.on_keyup.

    • Added

    • Added Command.just_do which does not send a message back to the application.

    • Added examples from the 7 Guis.

Release 0.5.3

  • First release of Fmlib_browser

Release 0.5.2

  • Stream module is deprecated in ocaml stdlib. Therefore all usages of the Stream module are removed from Fmlib.

  • Fmlib_parse:

    • Some fixes in error reporting

    • Fix: Error in <?> operator with layout parsing

Release 0.5.1


  • Rework of lookahead access. Main function now fold_lookahead.


  • Added Token_parser and Parse_with_lex to support the separation of parsing and lexing.

Release 0.5.0


  • Performance improvement 'Array.replace'


  • Added function 'write_to_channel'


  • Changed signature of repetition combinators (e.g. 'one_or_more' and 'zero_or_more').

  • Added a generic parsing combinator for parsing of operator expressions.

  • Complete rework of layout parsing.

  • Added functions to pretty print error messages and code snippets containing an error.

  • Documentation for parsing improved and augmented significantly.


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