package fit

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Module type
Class type
type header = {
  1. protocol : int;
  2. profile : int;
  3. length : int;

    size of data blocks in file

type value =
  1. | Enum of int
  2. | String of string
  3. | Int of int
  4. | Int32 of int32
  5. | Float of float
  6. | Unknown

A value is part of a data record. The interpretation of the value depends on the record and there is no obvious interpretation for a value by itself

type record = {
  1. msg : int;
  2. fields : (int * value) list;

A record holds a set of values. The purpose of the record is implied by its msg member. Each field in a record has a value and an int position. The combination of msg and position conveys the interpretation of that value and it is defined by the FIT protocol. At this level, no interpretation is provided

type t = {
  1. header : header;
  2. records : record list;

A FIT file has a header and a list of records (in reversed order)

val read : ?max_size:int -> string -> (t, string) Stdlib.result

read path reads a FIT file from path in the file system. The input file must not exceed max_size (100kb by default) to protect against attacks when reading user-provided files

val to_json : t -> Ezjsonm.t
module Record : sig ... end
val records : t -> Record.t list

Extract and decode common fields