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Benchmark library for finite fields over the package ff-sig


Dune Dependency





OCaml FF

Play with Finite Field in OCaml

This library provides functors to instantiate finite field of arbitrary orders (in the limit of Zarith, the dependency to handle arbitrary integers).

module F13 = Ff.MakeFp (struct let prime_order = Z.of_string "13" end)
module BLSFr = Ff.MakeFp (
    let prime_order = Z.of_string "52435875175126190479447740508185965837690552500527637822603658699938581184513"

JavaScript compatibility

This library can be transpiled in JavaScript using js_of_ocaml. An example is provided in js/, with the corresponding dune file. It instantiates Fp with p = 53. dune will compile this into a FiniteField.js file, exporting methods like add, toString, random, etc. FiniteField can be used as a Node module. See js/test/test_js.js for an example.

# Generate FiniteField.js
dune build js
cp _build/default/js/FiniteField.js ./
var FF = require("./FiniteField.js");
let x = FF.random();
let y = FF.random();
let x_plus_y = FF.add(x, y);


opam install ff

For a specific version (from 0.2.1), use

opam install ff.0.3.0

Replace 0.3.0 with the version you want, see tags.


See here

PBT testing

A package ff-pbt is also included and published providing Property Based Testing of finite fields based on the generic finite fields interface given in ff. If you have a library implementing finite fields, but not using the functors provided by ff, you can use:

(* You module is MyField *)

module MyFieldProperties = Ff_pbt.MakeFieldProperties (MyField)

let () =
  let open Alcotest in
  run "MyField" [MyFieldProperties.get_tests()]

It is stronly relying on the random function implemented by the finite field module.


ff-bench is a benchmark library (using Core_bench) for finite fields, respecting the signature Ff_sig.BASE. Here how to use:

module F337 = Ff.Make (struct let prime_order = Z.of_string "337" end)
module Bench = Ff_bench.MakeBench (F337)
let () =
  let commands = Bench.get_benches "F337" in (Core.Bench.make_command commands)

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