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Formal analysis for the Electrod formal pivot language


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electrod - Formal analysis for the Electrod formal specification language

Electrod is a model finder inspired by Kodkod. It takes as input a model expressed in a mixture of relational first-order logic (RFOL) over bounded domains and linear temporal logic (LTL) over an unbounded time horizon. Then it compiles the model to a problem for a solver (currently the NuSMV and nuXmv model-checkers). Electrod is mainly meant to be used as a backend for the Electrum Analyzer.

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Installation instructions

Installation has only been tested on GNU/Linux and Mac OS X. It may not work on MS Windows.

The easiest way to install Electrod is to rely on the Opam OCaml package manager.

opam update
opam upgrade 
opam install electrod

After installation, you will see a program called "electrod" in your PATH.

External dependencies

As of now, Electrod relies on NuSMV (2.6+) or nuXmv (2.0+), so you must at least install one of them.


Electrod is primarily aimed at being called by external tools such as the Electrum Analyzer.

However, it can also be run as a standalone tool by calling the electrod program.
Type electrod --help to get some help on options.

Copyright and license

(C) 2016-2020 ONERA

electrod is distributed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License v2.0.

See for more information.