package duration

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Duration - conversions to various time units

A duration is represented in nanoseconds as an unsigned 64 bit integer. This has a range of up to 584 years, or 213503 days, or 5124095 hours, or 307445734 minutes, or 18446744073 seconds, or 18446744073709 milliseconds, or 18446744073709549 milliseconds.

All functions converting to t raise Invalid_argument on out of bound or negative input.

0.1.0 - homepage

type t = int64

The type for a duration, exposed as an int64 to provider interoperability.

val pp : Format.formatter -> t -> unit

pp ppf t prints the duration.

val of_us : int -> t

of_us us are the microseconds in nanoseconds.

val of_ms : int -> t

of_ms ms are the milliseconds in nanoseconds.

val of_sec : int -> t

of_sec s are the seconds in nanoseconds.

val of_min : int -> t

of_min m are the minutes in nanoseconds.

val of_hour : int -> t

of_hour h are the hours in nanoseconds.

val of_day : int -> t

of_day d are the days in nanoseconds.

val of_year : int -> t

of_year y are the years in nanoseconds.

val of_f : float -> t

of_f f is the floating point seconds in nanoseconds.

val to_us : t -> int

to_us t are the microseconds of t.

val to_ms : t -> int

to_ms t are the milliseconds of t.

val to_sec : t -> int

to_sec t are the seconds of t.

val to_min : t -> int

to_min t are the minutes of t.

val to_hour : t -> int

to_hour t are the hours of t.

val to_day : t -> int

to_day t are the days of t.

val to_year : t -> int

to_year t are the years of t.

val to_f : t -> float

to_f t is the floating point representation of t.