package dune-glob

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dune-glob 3.12.1

dune-glob - file globbing


A glob is a way of referring to a set of files that match a certain pattern, such as "files with the .ml extension" or "files with test in their name".

dune-glob exposes an abstraction so that we can refer to the first group as *.ml and the second one as *test*.

This library is used by Dune to implement this syntax in several places in dune files, but it can be used in other contexts as well.


This is an executable that takes a glob as a command line argument, and lists the contents of the current directory that matches it:

let () =
  let glob_string = Sys.argv.(1) in
  let glob = Dune_glob.V1.of_string glob_string in
  let files = Sys.readdir "." in
  ArrayLabels.iter files ~f:(fun n ->
    if Dune_glob.V1.test glob n then
      print_endline n)

API documentation

The entry point for this library is Dune_glob.V1.

Note on stability

This library is fairly stable, but does not come with strong stability guarantees. In particular, while the module name suggests the API is versioned, it is not in the strict sense.