package dune-build-info

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dune-build-info - access information generated at build time.


This library exposes some functions to query pieces of information generated at build time, in particular:

  • the version of the project being built. You can use dune-build-info to implement a --version flag.
  • the list of libraries an executable is linked against. You can use dune-build-info to write a --build-info flag that will display a software bill of materials listing the libraries used to build an executable.


This displays the version number and the libraries the executable is statically linked with:

let version_string v =
  match Build_info.V1.version v with
  | None -> "n/a"
  | Some v -> Build_info.V1.Version.to_string v
let version = Build_info.V1.version ();
Printf.printf "version: %s\n" (version_string version);
let libs = Build_info.V1.Statically_linked_libraries.to_list () in
Printf.printf "statically linked libraries:\n";
  (fun lib ->
     let name = lib in
     let version = Build_info.V1.Statically_linked_library.version lib in
     Printf.printf "- %s (%s)\n" name (version_string version)
  ) libs

API documentation

The entry point for this library is Build_info.V1.


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