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Dose-extra libraries and tools (part of Mancoosi tools)







The dose-extra suite provides libraries for handling package meta-data, and various tools for analyzing package relationships in a large package repository.

  • dose-builddebcheck checks, given a collection of source package stanzas and a collection of binary package stanzas of Debian packages, whether the build-dependencies of each source package can be satisfied by the binary packages.
  • dose-distcheck checks for every package of a distribution whether it is possible to satisfy its dependencies and conflicts within this distribution.
  • ceve, a general metadata parser supporting different input formats (Debian, rpm, and others) and different output formats.
  • dose-outdated, a Debian-specific tool for finding packages that are not installable with respect to a package repository, and that can only be made installable again by fixing the package itself.
  • dose-challenged, a Debian-specific tool for checking which packages will certainly become uninstallable when some existing package is upgraded to a newer version.
  • dose-deb-coinstall, a Debian-specific tool for checking whether a set of packages can be installed all together.

Published: 22 Jul 2021

Dependencies (7)

  1. parmap >= "1.1"
  2. camlzip >= "1.08"
  3. camlbz2 >= "0.7.0"
  4. extlib >= "1.7.8"
  5. dose3 = version
  6. ocaml >= "4.03"
  7. dune >= "2.7"

Dev Dependencies (5)

  1. odoc with-doc
  2. conf-dpkg with-test
  3. conf-python3-yaml with-test
  4. conf-python-3 with-test
  5. ounit with-test

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