package dolmen

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Module type
Class type
type t

The type of statements.

type defs

Definition for model values

val fun_def : ?loc:L.t -> I.t -> T.t list -> T.t list -> T.t -> T.t -> defs

Defines a new function. fun_def f args ret body is such that applications of f are equal to body (module substitution of the arguments), which should be of type ret.

val funs_def_rec : ?loc:L.t -> (I.t * T.t list * T.t list * T.t * T.t) list -> defs

Defines a list of mutually recursive functions.

val sat : ?loc:L.t -> defs list option -> t

Create a `SAT` answer with an (optional) model.

val unsat : ?loc:L.t -> unit -> t

Create an `UNSAT` answer.

val error : ?loc:L.t -> string -> t

Create an `ERROR` answer.