The dumb OCaml key-value store w/ tokyocabinet backend



type t
val open_existing : filename -> t

open_existing fn open in read-only mode the persistent hashtbl whose data are stored in file fn and whose index is stored in fn ^ ".idx".

val dummy : unit -> t

dummy () create a value of type t. Do not do anything with this value.

val close : t -> unit

close db close the previously opened db.

val mem : t -> 'k -> bool

mem db k check if k is bound in db.

val find : t -> 'k -> 'v

find db k get the current binding of k in db or raise Not_found.

val iter : ( 'k -> 'v -> unit ) -> t -> unit

iter f db apply f to all key-value pairs in db. Cf. Hashtbl.iter for details.

val fold : ( 'k -> 'v -> 'acc -> 'acc ) -> t -> 'acc -> 'acc

fold f db init fold f over all key-value pairs in db. Cf. Hashtbl.fold for details.