package dns

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module Dig : sig ... end

Pretty printing (dig style) of DNS Packets and their components

module Loader : sig ... end

How to build up a DNS trie from separate RRs.

module Name : sig ... end

Domain name and label handling.

module Operators : sig ... end

Some widely used operators.

module Packet : sig ... end

DNS packet manipulation using the Cstruct library. Something of a catch-all for the time being.

module Probe : sig ... end

Implements the core of the unique name probing part of a Multicast DNS (mDNS) responder.

module Protocol : sig ... end
module Query : sig ... end

Map DNS query-response mechanism onto trie database.

module RR : sig ... end

Datatypes and handling for DNS Resource Records and RRSets.

module Resolvconf : sig ... end
module Trie : sig ... end

Interface to 256-way radix trie for DNS lookups. Non-standard behaviour:

module Zone : sig ... end

Load a zone file.

module Zone_lexer : sig ... end
module Zone_parser : sig ... end

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