package dns-server

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Authentication, stored in a Dns_trie with privileges to operations embedded in the name.

A key is a pair of a `raw Domain_name.t and a Dnskey.t. In the name, operation privileges and potentially IP addresses are encoded, e.g. may do AXFR on and any subdomain, e.g.

type operation = [
  1. | `Update
  2. | `Transfer
  3. | `Notify

The type of operations, sorted by highest ot lowest privileges, an `Update may as well carry out a `Transfer.

val operation_to_string : operation -> string

operation_to_string op is the string representation of op.

val all_ops : operation list

all_ops is a list of all operations.

val access_granted : required:operation -> operation -> bool

access_granted ~required key_operation is true if key_operation is authorised for required operation.

val zone_and_operation : 'a Domain_name.t -> ([ `host ] Domain_name.t * operation) option

zone_and_operation key is Some (zone, op), the zone of the key, and its operation op. If the key is not in the expected format, None is returned.

val access : ?key:'a Domain_name.t -> zone:'b Domain_name.t -> operation -> bool

access op ~key ~zone checks whether key is authorised for op on zone.

type t

Opaque type for storing authentication keys.


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