package dns-server

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module T : Mirage_time.S


val primary : ?on_update: (old:Dns_trie.t -> authenticated_key:[ `raw ] Domain_name.t option -> update_source:Ipaddr.V4.t -> Dns_server.Primary.s -> unit Lwt.t) -> ?on_notify: ([ `Notify of Dns.Soa.t option | `Signed_notify of Dns.Soa.t option ] -> Dns_server.Primary.s -> (Dns_trie.t * ([ `raw ] Domain_name.t * Dns.Dnskey.t) list) option Lwt.t) -> ?timer:int -> ?port:int -> S.t -> Dns_server.Primary.s -> unit

primary ~on_update ~timer ~port stack primary starts a primary server on port (default 53, both TCP and UDP) with the given primary configuration. timer is the DNS notify timer in seconds, and defaults to 2 seconds. on_update ~old ~authenticated_key ~update_source s is a callback if the data served by the primary server s got updated by a potentially authenticated nsupdate packet, the used authenticated_key and source update_source are passed to the callback. The on_notify notify s callback is executed when a notify request is received by the primary DNS server (may be used for signaling of a (hidden) DNS secondary server).

val secondary : ?on_update:(old:Dns_trie.t -> Dns_server.Secondary.s -> unit Lwt.t) -> ?timer:int -> ?port:int -> S.t -> Dns_server.Secondary.s -> unit

secondary ~on_update ~timer ~port stack secondary starts a secondary server on port (default 53). The on_update callback is executed when the zone changes. The timer (in seconds, defaults to 5 seconds) is used for refreshing zones.


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