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DNS client and server implementation in pure OCaml


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v1.0.1 2017-11-06

  • dns-lwt-unix: add missing dependency on cmdliner (#145 by @avsm)

  • async: close reader and writer properly (#147 by @1yefuwang1)

  • fix build with OCaml 4.06 (and -safe-string) (#148 by @djs55)

v1.0.0 2017-06-23

Rearrange the opam packages to eliminate optional dependencies, and have explicit and separate packages for the Lwt, Async and Mirage implementations. The opam and ocamlfind layouts now have the same names:

  • dns: the core package

  • dns-lwt: Lwt implementation

  • dns-lwt-unix: Lwt Unix, including servers

  • dns-async: Async implementation (this currently uses Unix)

This layout is not compatible with the older releases which had ocamlfind subpackages, so an upper bound will be needed in OPAM for those. However, porting should be relatively straightforward to the new release, and in return your users will not have to deal with specifying a myriad of optional dependencies in OPAM.

  • This release also ports the build to use Jbuilder, which speeds it up quite a bit and removes boilerplate files.

  • Depend on Lwt 3.0.0 interfaces, including the blocking bind.

v0.20.2 2017-06-01

  • Depend explicitly on Ipaddr_unix and Uri_services modules.

  • Add a basic server example which has a static lookup table and does not use the Trie structure. It is in [examples/].

v0.20.1 2017-05-16

  • Port to lwt >= 3.0 (#136, @djs55)

v0.20.0 2017-03-23

  • Remove the Dns.Buf module that formerly wrapped Cstruct, now that the latter is a mature library.

  • Add an ?alloc optional argument to functions that would formerly accept a Dns.Buf. By default, this allocates a single page, but consumers of this library can override it in order to supply their own allocation logic (e.g. a pool allocator).

  • Remove dependency on io-page to follow the Dns.Buf removal.

All these changes were part of #132 by @hannesm.

v0.19.1 2017-02-15

  • Use topkg instead of oasis (#126

  • Do not reverse the order of resource records in the parser (#109

  • Restrict to OCaml 4.03.0+.

  • Fix bug parsing pointers to pointers to DNS name labels (#129

v0.19.0 2017-01-20

  • Port to MirageOS 3 module types.

  • Remove runtime dependency on PPX from META file

  • Bugfixes and improvements for async backend compilation (#100 by @vbmithr).

v0.18.1 2016-04-17

  • Clear AA bit on requests, as some servers will drop these otherwise

v0.18.0 2016-03-12

  • Remove dependency on camlp4, switch to ppx

v0.17.0 2016-03-11

  • This library now depends on the hashcons package rather than containing a fork of it. Now that there is no LGPL (+ linking exception code left, clarify that the license is ISC. Previously the opam file claimed a mixture of licenses (#86 via @djs55).

  • Add multi-distro Travis testing support.

  • Library now depends on OCaml 4.02+

v0.16.0 2015-10-21

  • Change source port randomization to avoid overflow in the port range (#83 from @yomimono).

Improve mDNS support (#82 from Luke Dunstan):

  • Add Dns.Probe to implement the unique name probing portion of mDNS.

  • Expose the Dns.Name.Set construct.

  • Added a functor Mdns_resolver_mirage.Chain that is intended to compose an mDNS resolver with a normal DNS resolver such that *.local is resolved via mDNS and everything else is done with DNS.

  • Changed Dns.Query to not respond to queries for classes other than IN.

  • Fixed mDNS legacy responses to use TTL <= 10 sec

  • Fixed mDNS responses to use RD=0.

v0.15.3 2015-07-30

  • Fix regression in 0.15.2 which prevented Dns_server_unix.listen from answering more than one query (#80 from Magnus Skjegstad)

v0.15.2 2015-07-04

  • Fix incorrect mirage dependency on tcpip

  • Improve clarity and formatting of Lwt use

  • Remove camlp4 dependency

  • Now requires lwt >2.4.7

v0.15.1 2015-07-02

  • Fix critical DNS resolver timeout bug causing unexpected exceptions

v0.15.0 2015-05-14

  • Name.domain_name has been renamed to Name.t and is now abstract

  • Name.domain_name_to_string has been renamed to Name.to_string

  • Name.string_to_domain_name has been deprecated for Name.of_string

  • Name.parse_name has been renamed to Name.parse

  • Name.marshal_name has been renamed to Name.marshal

  • Name.hashcons_charstring has been renamed to Name.hashcons_string

  • Name.hashcons_domainname has been renamed to Name.hashcons

  • Name.canon2key has been renamed to Name.to_key

  • Name.for_reverse has been replaced by Name.of_ipaddr

  • Name.of_ipaddr accepts a Ipaddr.t and produces a name suitable for reverse DNS

  • We now require >= ipaddr.2.6.0 to support Name.of_ipaddr

  • uri 1.7.0+ is now required for its service registry

  • Named service lookups are now supported in zone files

  • Dig string serializations are now in Dns.Dig (#61 from Heidi Howard

v0.14.1 2015-03-29

  • Reduce namespace pollution in to avoid breaking with Cstruct 1.6.0+.

  • Add a Dns_server.compose function to make it easier to build resolution pipelines (#58).

  • Add a Dns_server_mirage functor (#55).

  • Add Dns_resolver.resolve_pkt to support custom query packets (#49).

  • Split out the experimental Async_resolver into a Async_kernel and Unix libraries. This introduces the dns.async-unix library.

v0.14.0 2015-01-29

  • Renamed Packet.QM to Packet.Q_Normal and QU to Q_mDNS_Unicast for clarity and added more detailed doc comments. Added constructor function Packet.make_question for convenience. (#41

  • Support io-page 1.3.0+ interface. (#40

v0.13.0 2015-01-26

  • Add support for multicast DNS (RFC6762) in the trie. (#35 from Luke Dunstan

  • mDNS doesn't use SOA nor delegation (RFC 6762 section 12), so some minor changes to Trie are required to handle this.

  • mDNS doesn't echo the questions in the response (RFC 6762 section 6), except in legacy mode, so a bool argument was added to Query.response_of_answer.

  • Query.answer still exists but now Query.answer_multiple is also available for answering multiple questions in one query to produce a single answer (RFC 6762 section 5.3). One caveat is that responses may exceed the maximum message length, but that is not really specific to mDNS. Also, in theory multiple questions might require multiple separate response messages in unusual cases, but that is complicated and the library does not deal with that yet.

  • Query.answer_multiple takes an optional function to allow the caller to control the cache-flush bit. This bit is only set for records that have been "confirmed as unique". Using a callback requires minimal changes here but puts the burden of maintaining uniqueness state elsewhere.

  • Query.answer_multiple takes an optional function to filter the answer, in order to support "known answer suppression" (RFC 6762 section 7.1). Again, using a callback requires minimal change to the core, but later on the mDNS-specific known answer suppression logic could move into the Query module if that turns out to be simpler.

  • A query for PTR returns additional records for SRV and TXT, to support efficient service discovery.

  • Trie.iter was added to support mDNS announcements.

  • Switch to Bytes instead of String for eventual -safe-string support.

  • Partially remove some error printing to stderr. (#36

Unit tests were added for some of the changes above, including a test-only dependency on pcap-format.

v0.12.0 2014-12-24

  • Parse and marshal the mDNS unicast-response bit (#29).

  • Add OUnit tests for Dns.Packet.parse using pcap files.

  • Fix parsing of SRV records (#30).

  • Use Bytes instead of String for mutable buffers.

  • Switch to Base64 v2, which uses B64 as the toplevel module name to avoid linking conflicts with other community libraries.

v0.11.0 2014-11-02

  • Do not depend in Io_page; instead Dns.Buf.create now accepts an optional alloc parameter to use a custom allocator such as Io_page.

  • Add Async DNS resolver modules from @marklrh (#22).

  • Add a Dns_resolver_mirage.Static for a static DNS interface.

v0.10.0 2014-08-20

  • Add Dns_resolver_mirage module for making stub resolution requests using the Mirage module types.

  • Dns.Resolvconf parses /etc/resolv.conf entries using Ipaddr.t instead of string values now.

  • Adapt Dns_resolver and Dns_resolver_unix to use Ipaddr.t more.

  • Improve mldig to use Ipaddr more and add more RR printing to match the conventional dig tool behaviour.

  • Expose Dns.Packet.Not_implemented exception rather than a pattern match failure.

  • Depend on external Base64 package instead of bundling one inside the Dns packed module.

  • Add a local opam file for easier pinning.

  • Add an examples/ directory with a DNS forwarder sample (#21).

v0.9.1 2014-07-29

  • Fix file descriptor leak in resolver (#15, #16) by expanding commfn with a cleanup function.

v0.9.0 2014-06-16

  • Ensure that all Dns.Buf.t buffers are page-aligned, via Io_page.

  • Remove a Unix dependency that snuck into the Dns_resolver portable core, by adding a timeout argument to the commfn type.

  • Improve ocamldoc in Dns_resolver_unix.

v0.8.1 2014-04-19

  • Add process_of_zonebufs to handle multiple zone files.

  • Adapt Dns_server_unix to expose multiple zonebuf functions.

v0.8.0 2014-02-21

  • Use Ipaddr.V6 to restore IPv6/AAAA RR support.

  • process_query now takes an output buffer so it doesn't have to overwrite the input buffer it just parsed.

  • Add Travis continuous integration scripts.

  • Regenerate with OASIS 0.4.1

  • Split the dns.lwt into a portable dns.lwt-core that doesn't require Unix (from which a Mirage version can be built). The only change to existing applications is that Unix-specific functions have shifted into Dns_resolver_unix or Dns_server_unix, with the module types for PROCESSOR and CLIENT unchanged.

v0.7.0 2013-08-26

  • Add path argument to `Resolv_conf in Dns_resolver.config.

  • Dns_resolver.t is now a record type rather than a first-class module.

  • Fix mldig server and port options.

  • Change Zone.load_zone to Zone.load and make it functional over Loader.db.

  • Use Ipaddr.V4.t addresses in favor of Cstruct or Uri_IP representations.

  • Fix RRSIG signed type to be of the answer rather than the question.

  • Fix ANY queries.

  • Add Buf to provide a nickname for char Bigarrays.

  • Change Packet.{parse,marshal} to use Buf.t rather than exposing Cstruct.t

  • Change Packet.parse to remove name map parameter

  • Factor protocol modules into Protocol with default DNS implementations

  • Add first-class PROCESSOR module to Dns_server for contextual protocol extensions

  • Change Dns_server.listen to accept processor

  • Rename Dns_server.listen_with_zonebuf and Dns_server.listen_with_zonefile to Dns_server.serve_with_zonebuf and Dns_server.serve_with_zonefile resp.

  • Add processor_of_process, process_of_zonebuf, eventual_process_of_zonefile, and serve_with_processor to Dns_server

  • Rename Query.query_answer to Query.answer

  • Add Query.response_of_answer and Query.answer_of_response

  • Move Dns_resolver.build_query to Query.create

  • By default, DNS packet IDs are randomly generated with Random

  • Dns_resolver now supports simultaneous resolver protocol requests

  • Fix reversed multiple TXT parse bug

  • Move DNSSEC implementation to <//>

v0.6.2 2013-02-13

  • Fix Lwt compilation after switch to Dns.Names.Map instead of Hashtbl.

  • Fix Lwt Makefile detection (Lwt.unix instead of Lwt.ssl

v0.6.1 2013-02-12

  • Improve performance of packet marshalling.

  • Add a Mirage Dns_server subpackage.

v0.6.0 2012-12-31

  • (Very) experimental DNSSEC support.

  • Use cstruct-0.6.0 API.

  • Improve robustness of Dns_resolver.

  • Add EDNS0 support for larger packet sizes.

v0.5.2 2012-11-28

  • Fix the server interface to be fully asynchronous.

  • Correct q_type/q_class arguments being ignored in the Lwt Dns_resolver (from Pierre Chambart).

v0.5.1 2012-10-05

  • Remain compatible with OCaml-3.12.1 with the more verbose first-class module syntax.

v0.5.0 2012-09-29

  • Add mldig as a full(ish)-featured dig clone, with similar output format.

  • Add Dns.Resolvconf for parsing /etc/resolv.conf files on POSIX hosts.

  • Move the Lwt bits (resolver, server, cmdline client) into a separate directory, to follow the Cohttp convention.

v0.4.0 2012-09-18

  • Initial public release.


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