Library to provide Erlang style distributed computations. This library is inspired by Cloud Haskell.
Library distributed
type t = {
remote_nodes : (string * int * string) list;(*

The initial list of remote nodes which this node can send messages to. A list of external ip address/port/node name triplets.

local_port : int;(*

The port that this node should run on.

heart_beat_timeout : float;(*

The maximum amount of time in seconds to wait between heart beats from remote nodes before marking them as unavailable.

heart_beat_frequency : float;(*

The amount of time between sending hearts to nodes that are connected to this node.

connection_backlog : int;(*

The the argument used when listening on a socket.

node_name : string;(*

The name of this node.

node_ip : string;(*

The external ip address of this node.

logger : logger;(*

The logger that should be used.