package decoders

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type ('i, 'o) t = 'i -> ('o, 'i Error.t) Stdlib.result

An ('i, 'o) t is a decoder that

  • consumes a value of type 'i
  • produces a value of type 'o or an error of type 'i Error.t
val pure : 'o -> ('i, 'o) t

pure x always succeeds with x

val fail : string -> ('i, 'o) t

fail msg always fails with msg, capturing the error context from 'i

val fail_with : 'i Error.t -> ('i, 'o) t

fail_with e always fails with e

val of_result : ('o, 'i Error.t) Util.My_result.t -> ('i, 'o) t
val bind : ('a -> ('i, 'b) t) -> ('i, 'a) t -> ('i, 'b) t
val map : ('a -> 'b) -> ('i, 'a) t -> ('i, 'b) t
val map_err : ('i Error.t -> 'i Error.t) -> ('i, 'o) t -> ('i, 'o) t
val apply : ('i, 'a -> 'b) t -> ('i, 'a) t -> ('i, 'b) t
module Infix : sig ... end
val fix : (('i, 'a) t -> ('i, 'a) t) -> ('i, 'a) t
val value : ('i, 'i) t
val maybe : ('i, 'a) t -> ('i, 'a option) t
val one_of : ('i, 'o) t list -> ('i, 'o) t
val pick : ('i, ('i, 'o) t) t list -> ('i, 'o) t
val of_to_opt : ('i -> 'o option) -> ('i -> ('o, 'i Error.t) Stdlib.result) -> ('i, 'o) t
val decode_sub : 'a -> ('a, 'b) t -> ('a, 'b) t

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