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A library for Datakit clients over 9P


Dune Dependency





v1.0.0 (2019-07-12)

  • format source code using ocamlformat 0.10 and the conventional profile (@avsm).

  • support uri>=3.0.0 (@avsm)

v0.12.4 (2019-04-13)

  • ci: fix io-page-unix usage in tests (@avsm)

  • ci: support Cstruct 4.0.0 interface with optional sexp (@avsm)

v0.12.3 (2019-03-11)

  • ci: Add missing dependency on Base64 and port to >=3.0.0 interface (#642 @avsm)

  • ci: Adapt to crunch.3.0.0 interface (#641 @hannesm)

  • ci: Use non-deprecated Yojson types in 1.7.0 and higher (#642 @avsm)

0.12.2 (2019-01-18)

  • Support the latest GitHub and Atd bindings (>=2.0.0) (@avsm)

  • Support the Uri 2.0.0+ API (@avsm)

  • Port build to Dune from Jbuilder (@avsm).

  • Remove use of deprecated Tyxml pcdata function in favour of txt (@avsm)

  • Add watermarking of versions in the build system (@avsm)

  • Remove topkg build targets in favour of using dune-release (@avsm)

0.12.1 (2018-01-23)

  • Upgrade to Tls >= 0.9.0 and Cohttp-lwt-unix >= 1.0.0 (#615, @jpdeplaix)

0.12.0 (2017-11-21)

  • all: update to latest version of alcotest, conduit, session, ocaml-github, ocaml-github-hooks and cohttp (#612, @samoht and @djs55)

  • github: make User.t abstract (#594, @samoht)

  • github: turn into a promise (#598, @samoht)

  • github: add a Comment module to model PR and issue comments (#595, @samoht)

  • github: change PR.owner to be of type User.t (#599, @samoht)

  • github-bridge: add the ability to sync PR's coments (#595, @samoht)

  • go-client: handle large values when reading / writing in 9db (#292, @simonferquel)

  • go-client: fix the handling of defaults over upgrade (#605, @djs55)

  • go-client: improve transaction API (#606, @djs55)

0.11.0 (2017-07-07)

The main change in this release is the addition of datakit-client-git which implements the DataKit API on top of a normal Git repository. This means that the deployment of DataKit tools is now much simpler as they do not need a running DataKit server anymore. The client and server packages have been renamed to make the use of 9p more explicit. Support for more transport is planned, including gRPC and Cap-n-proto.

Go bindings

  • Go: Separate user config from defaults in the database (#523, @djs55)

  • Go: add List to list files in snapshots (#578, @ebriney)

datakit-server, datakit-client

  • client/server: split the libraires between core API and 9p transport.

    There is now:

    • datakit-client: signature for client API + Path library

    • datakit-server: implementation of the VFS on top of Irmin

    • datakit-client-9p: implementation of the API using 9p as transport

    • datakit-server-9p: expose the Irmin VFS as the Datakit API; server-side implementation of the API using 9p as transport

    The tests are split as well, so all the client/server tests can be re-used with a different transport mechanism. (#551, @samoht)

  • client: add a top-level Datakit_client module namespace: Datakit_S.CLIENT becomes Datakit_client.S and Datakit_path becomes Datakit_client.Path (#558, @samoht)

  • client: remove rename API calls (#563, @samoht)


datakit-client-9p is now the new name for the previously named datakit-client. That package contains the 9p client bindings to the DataKit API. More clients to come.

  • 9p client: DK.commit now fails if the commit does not exists (instead of failing later when the commit is used) (#565, @samoht)


  • git client: add client bindings using Git directly, without the need for a DataKit server (#559, @samoht)


  • datakit: move all modules under the Datakit namespace. Expose Datakit.Blob, Datakit.Branch, Datakit.Hash, Datakit.Metadata, Datakit.Path forming the base types for DataKit stores. Also expose Datakit.Make (and Datakit.Make_git) to build a DataKit store from an Irmin store (or from a Irmin_git store). Finally, rename the functor to expose a DataKit store into a virtual file-system into Datakit.VFS (#583, @samoht)

  • datakit: use irmin 1.2.0 and git 1.11.0 (#556, @samoht)

  • datakit: use mtime 1.0 (#560, @samoht)

  • datakit: stop using camlzip, switch to decompress (#570, @samoht)


  • github: expose PR's owner (#587, @samoht)


  • github bridge: look at the GH token in various places (#577, @samoht)

  • github bridge: add the ability to monitor default repositories using the CLI (#577, @samoht)

  • github bridge: allow to use git://<path> urls to "connect" to a local Git repo instead of a 9p DataKit server (#577, @samoht). For instance:

    $ datakit-bridge-github -r samoht/test -d git:///tmp/foo --resync 60

    will download all the issues and PR into a Git repository /tmp/foo and will keep it up-to-date when changes occur either on GitHub (with a full resync every 60s) or locally by commiting updates in the /tmp/foo Git repository.


  • use redis 0.3.5 (#562, #567, @samoht)

0.10.1 (2017-05-09)


  • Update to support protocol-9p and protocol-9p-unix 0.11.0 (#547, #549 by @avsm, @samoht)

  • Update to support lwt 3.0.0 (#547, #549 by @avsm, @samoht)

0.10.0 (2017-04-28)

DataKit has a new home: the Moby Project!


  • Rename docker/datakit into moby/datakit (#528, @talex5)

  • The Docker images on Hub have moved to datakit: Use docker run datakit/db to run the database (see

  • Use jbuilder to build the project. Total project build time pass from ~1min to less than 10s and identifed a few issues with linking local/global names. For instance Datakit_conduit were depending on datakit-server and it was not clear which version it was linked with (#532, @samoht)


  • ci: record history of builds (#489, @talex5)

  • ci: show queue lengths for resource pools in web UI (#500, @talex5)

  • ci: allow separating stdout and stderr in CI_process (#502, @talex5)

  • ci: remove the iframe with the logs (#501, @samoht)

  • ci: include test name in links from GitHub (#508, @talex5)

  • ci: fix escaping in Rebuild button link (#515, @talex5)

  • ci: turn off switch when build function returns (#518, @talex5)

  • ci: make required GitHub scopes configurable (#534, @talex5)

  • ci: when auto-cloning, accept the SSH key automatically (#536, @talex5)


  • datakit: Fix escaping in git push (#503, @talex5)

  • datakit: Batch up git pushes (#505, @talex5)

  • datakit: do not expose an HTTP server anymore (#524, @samoht)

  • datakit: update to irmin.1.1.0, cmdliner.1.0, hvsock.0.18 (#529, @samoht)


  • github: don't ignore errors from DataKit (#513, @talex5)

  • github: raise exceptions instead of logging errors (#526, @talex5)


  • bridge-github: read secrets from /run/secrets/github-jar (#519, @talex5)

  • bridge-github: remove the VFS and simplify server startup (#535, @samoht)


  • bridge-local-git: update to irmin 1.1.0 (#531, @samoht)

0.9.0 (2017-02-03)

datakit-local-git (new)

  • bridge-local-git: add local git bridge (#458, @talex5)

Normally, we use datakit-github to monitor the state of a remote repository on GitHub and use that as the input to the CI. When getting started with DataKitCI it is more convenient to be able to monitor a local Git repository.

datakit-bridge-github (new)

  • bridge-github: split the datakit-github package into 2: datakit-github (see next section) and datakit-bridge-github which match datakit-bridge-local-git (#480, @samoht)

  • bridge-github: do not commit empty changes (#397, @samoht)

  • bridge-github: use an unlimited number of fids and walk in parallel to speeds-up init time massively (#401, @samoht)

  • bridge-github: enable Prometheus monitoring (#452, @talex5)


  • github: standalone library which just defines Datakit_github, an abstract representation of the GitHub types and API (#480, @samoht)


  • ci: split prometheus into its own opam package (#438, @talex5 and @avsm)

  • ci: add Redis-backed web sessions (#393, @talex5)

  • ci: don't copy command output to stdout (#394, @talex5)

  • ci: fetch each GitHub user's security information at login (#398, @talex5)

  • ci: refactor the API to use datakit-gitub to manipulate GitHub metadaa. This is a major breaking API change (#384, @samoht)

  • ci: report more metrics: number of tags, branches and open PRs (#408, @talex5)

  • ci: fix race if two people request a rebuild at once (#416, @talex5)

  • ci: fix fetching of tag objects (#417, @talex5)

  • ci: change the url scheme for PRs and references (#411, @samoht)

  • ci: improve form validation (#420, @talex5)

  • ci: migrate self-ci from docker-compose to docker-cloud (#421, @talex5)

  • ci: add support for getting X.509 certificates via certbot (#422, @talex5)

  • ci: add web UI for configuring GitHub authentication (#424, @talex5)

  • ci: allow non-TLS deployments (#425, @talex5)

  • ci: bound the size of Term.wait_for_all status messages (#428, @avsm)

  • ci: clone missing Git repositories automatically (#429, @talex5)

  • ci: expose more functions on Target.v (#430, @avsm)

  • ci: don't require a compare function for builders (#435, @talex5)

  • ci: separate rebuilding from cache lookups (#436, @talex5)

  • ci: cope with targets being deleted while we're updating their status (#443, @talex5)

  • ci: add live streaming of logs (#449, @talex5)

  • ci: allow reporting Prometheus metrics on a separate port (#452, @talex5)

  • ci: include the PR's title in the PR status page

  • ci: allow cancelling Docker builds (#462, @talex5)

  • ci: add (#462, @talex5)

  • ci: evaluate terms in parallel (#464, @talex5)

  • ci: add ANSI escape sequence parser for coloured logs (#466, @talex5)


  • client: add client-side caching (#400, @samoht)

  • client: improve the memory representation of paths (#399, @samoht)

  • client: replace error strings with variants (#470, @talex5)

0.8.1 (2016-12-02)


  • fix regression in comparison between build status (#388, @samoht @avsm)

0.8.0 (2016-12-02)


  • ci: add Prometheus metric reporting (#352, #353, @talex5)

  • ci: allow hiding some arguments when logging commands (#369, @talex5)

  • ci: add Term.wait_for, wait_for_all and without_logs (#370, @talex5)

  • ci: report GC and system metrics (#379, @talex5)

  • ci: better commit messages when updating the state (#385, @talex5


  • github: set user-agents (#362, @samoht)

  • github: Add a --resync-interval option to resync the database regularly (#368, @samoht)

  • github: Add .dirty files to tell the bridge to resync on repo/prs (#368, @samoht)

  • github: split the package into datakit-github.client, datakit-github.server and datakit-github (#375, @samoht)

  • github: add Snapshot.find (#376, @samoht)

  • github: add Repo.Map, Repo.of_string (#376, @samoht)

  • github: add Satus.compare_id (#376, @samoht)

  • github: replace create functions by v to be consistent (#376, @samoht)

  • github: add Index modules for PRs, refs and build status (#377, @samoht)

  • github: rename into Commit.has (#378, @samoht)

  • github: make Status.url an Uri.t option instead of string option (#383, @samoht)

  • github: github: expose Conv.{pr,ref,status} (#386, @samoht)


  • client: more consistent handling of urls arguments. tcp:foo becomes tcp://foo and fd:42 becomes fd://42 (#358, @samoht)

  • client: client: add Datakit_path.{basename,dirname} (#373, @samoht)


  • server: remove the --sandbox argument (#357, @samoht)

  • server: more consistent handling of urls arguments. tcp:foo becomes tcp://foo and fd:42 becomes fd://42 (#358, @samoht)

  • server: use hvsock 0.11.1 (#356, @djs55)

0.7.0 (2016-11-17)

The highlight of that release is datakit-ci: a new library to help creating new CI pipelines built on top of DataKit.


  • ci: improve UI for viewing logs (#341, #342, @talex5)

  • ci: specify a metadata store default that matches datakit (#330, @avsm)

  • ci: let CI binaries specify custom CLI term info (#329, @avsm)

  • ci: add GitHub-based login to web UI (#328, @talex5)

  • ci: return some HTML body text for more errors (#325, @talex5)

  • ci: add .monitor files automatically (#324, @talex5)

  • ci: add setting to configure a public CI (#320, @talex5)

  • ci: add a CI script to test DataKit itself (#314, @talex5)

  • ci: allow configuring CI name, dashboard config in config file (@306, @talex5)

  • ci: Add library for writing DataKit-based Continuous Integration systems (#302, @talex5)


  • github: add a more specific error when there is no datakit-github token (#323, @avsm)

  • github: major refactoring to use only one branch in datakit to persist the data and keep the rest in memory otherwise. Also use a stronger model of ownership to decide whether datakit or GitHub is right (#311, @samoht)


  • datakit: update to irmin.0.12.0 to use faster native watch notifications instead of file-system polling and full scanning (#347, @samoht)


  • client: simplify path handling: when creating things, pass the full path as one argument rather than a directory and a name. (#306, @talex5)


  • server: Fix log-destination command-line arguments (#340, @samoht)

  • server: improve named-pipe support (#333, by @simonferquel and @samoht)

  • server: Catch top level Lwt.async exceptions (#327, @samoht)

  • server: expose Vfs.Logs to expose the state of Logs.Src over 9p. This is used by datakit and datakit-bridge to expose /debug and let other datakit servers to easily do the same thing (#295, @samoht)

0.6.0 (2016-10-03)

  • fix META files (#278, @dsj55)

  • fix CI scripts (#262, @dave-tucker)

  • create a new datakit-server library, to help adding runtime instrospection mechanism to servers without having to depend on irmin (#280)


  • github: add documentation (#258, @talex5)

  • github: add API resources capabilities (#279, @samoht)

  • github: fix support for annotated tags (#274, @samoht)

  • github: fix setting build status when description is larger than 140 characters (#273, @samoht)

  • github: prune the public branch too (#272, @samoht)

  • github: read combined build status instead of the full build status history (#265)

  • github: use ocaml-github 2.0.0 and ocaml-github-hooks (#264, @samoht)

  • github: fix event loop (#259, #260, @talex5)


  • client: speed-up 9p walks (#271, @samoht)


  • server: revert back to active polling due to an bug in irmin-watcher's inotify support (#269, @samoht)

  • server: add more debugging messages for the "GitHub auto-push" feature (#261, @talex5)

  • server: expose the Irmin "REST" API over HTTP by using the --listen-http command-line argument (#281, @samoht)

0.5.0 (2016-09-02)

Split the package in 3: server-side, client-side and GitHub bridge (#232, @samoht)


  • github: add Dockerfiles (@talex5 and @samoht)

  • github: Lots of stability improvement and bug fixes for the GitHub bridge, including:

    • Integrate the GH webhooks directly with the bridge process (#243, @samoht)

    • Track Git References in the GitHub bridge (#234, @samoht)

    • Be more rebust when GitHub API calls fail (#241, @samoht)

    • Fuzz testing of GitHub state and user requests (TODO)


  • server: Add support for Windows named pipes (#92, @djs55)

  • server: add support for Hyper-V socket connections (#94, @djs55)

  • server: Backport mirage/ocaml-git#147: Less unefficient Git_unix.read_file_with_read (#88, @chambart)

  • server: add Dockerfiles (@talex5 and @samoht)

  • server: Generalise the --eventlog command-line argument into --log-destination=(stderr|asl|eventlog) (#115, @djs55)

  • server: Improve speed of appending to large files (#143, @talex5)

  • server: Fix races in stream handling (#170, @talex5)

  • server: Make --bare the default behavior (#185, @samoht)

  • server: Allow to auto-push datakit state to GitHub (#189, @samoht)

  • client, server: Use maximum_write_payload funtion in recent ocaml-9p (#192, @talex5)

  • server: Support inheriting a listening socket (#199, @djs55)

  • server: Use latest hvsok >= 0.8.1 (#204, @samoht)

  • server: Use platform-specific filesystem notification (fsevents, inotify) instead of polling for branch update notifications (#216, @samoht)

  • server: Expose diffs in the Datakit API (#219, @samoht)

  • server: Add /debug directory to control log levels (#239, @talex5)


  • client: add Dockerfiles (@talex5 and @samoht)

  • client: Improve mount options of datakit-mount (#105, @samoht)

  • client, server, github: add Dockerfiles (@talex5 and @samoht)

  • client, server: Add a way to trigger remote fetches within the API (#132, @samoht)

  • client: Add Minimal Go API (#135, @djs55 and @samoht)

  • client: Add OCaml client bindings (#148, @talex5)

  • client, server: Support large writes (#151, @talex5)

  • client: Fix leak warning in Go client (#159, @talex5)

  • client: Golang bindings: expose Watch outside the package (#208, @djs55)

  • client: Golang bindings: add SetMultiple method to set more than one field in a transaction (#208, @dave-tucker)

  • client: Golang bindings: add a function to delete key in a transaction (#208, ebriney)

  • client: Golang bindings: add a nil-able StringRefField (aka "the billion dollar mistake") (#208, @djs55)

  • client: Expose diffs in the Datakit API (#219, @samoht)

0.4.0 (2016-04-25)

  • Bindings to the Github events API to get notification on new pull requests (#63, @samoht)

while read PR do echo New PR: $PR echo pending > /db/ ... done < /db/ ```

  • Allow to set the description and urls for pull request status (#64, @samoht)

  • Update VFS to report file metadata (#66, @talex5)

  • Add stats to file metadata (#66, @talex5)

  • Replace "Buffer to small" error with a read of 0 items (#71, @talex5) Linux reads a directory like like:

    • Linux asks us to fill an 8K buffer.

    • We return nearly 8K (must return a whole number of items).

    • Linux asks us to fill the remaining few bytes.

    • We return nothing.

    • Linux flushes its buffer and asks for the next 8K. ... This means we get roughly twice as many roundtrips as needed, but it does work.

  • Allow renaming files in a transaction (#73, @talex5)

  • Metadata support (executable files and symlinks):

    • creation of executable files

    • creation of symlinks

    • chmod +x works

    • writing preserves the executable flag

    • merging now also merges metadata This appears to be sufficient to build Docker under Datakit (#69, @talex5)

  • Don't allow fast-forward to missing commit (#81, @talex5)

  • Simplify the Vfs.File.Stream API and use it consistently through the codebase (#83, @samoht)

    • stream files have a state

    • when you open a stream file, you immediately get a line with the current state

    • as long as you keep the file open, you get a newline for every updates

    • you can have multiple reader (e.g. concurrently open files)

    • the writers as "publish" functions in the VFS API, you can have multiple concurrent writers. In that case, the behaviour is similar to condition broadcasts: every reader should receive the updates in the same order.

0.3.0 (2016-04-04)

  • Fix a memory leak. This was due to a missing free in the readdir bindings in the upstream Lwt library, see (#57 by @talex5 and @samoht)

  • Fix a regression introduced in 0.2.0 where inode numbers were not stable anymore, which broke cp commands (#56 by @talex5)

  • Enable verbose mode by setting the DATAKIT_VERBOSE environment variable and turn-on more verbose logging of underlying libraries (#53 by @samoht)

  • Replace Irmin views with a more efficient representation which does not keep track of transaction's actions and remove the need for creating temporary dangling commits (#16, #51 by @talex5)

  • Backport performance fixes from upstream ocaml-git (#43, #47 by @talex5)

  • Minimal integration with the Github PR API using 9p (#42 by @samoht)

~/mnt $ ls 41 42 ~/mnt $ cat pending ~/mnt $ echo success > ```

  • Use Astring and Logs (#50, #43 by @talex5 and @samoht)

0.2.0 (2016-03-18)

  • Add support for "Git remotes" in the filesystem (#21, @samoht). Now you can:

    ~/mnt $ cd remotes
    ~/mnt/remotes $ mkdir origin
    ~/mnt/remotes $ echo > origin/url
    ~/mnt/remotes $ echo master > origin/fetch
    ~/mnt/remotes $ cat origin/head
  • Remove dependency to gmp (@samoht)

  • Split the library into 3 parts (@samoht)

    • VFS: the virtual filesystem, live in memory and not version-controlled

    • I9p: project a Git-compatible database (Irmin) into a VFS hierarchy

    • 9pfs: expose the VFS over 9p

  • Add CI scripts to test Datakit build using Datakit (@talex5)

  • Restructure the build process (@samoht)

  • Add a -bare option for storing local state in a bare Git repo (@talex5)

  • Updates for latest ocaml-9p API changes (@talex5)

0.1.1 (2016-02-26)

  • Fix OSX build

  • Fix in-container build

0.1.0 (2016-02-26)

  • Initial release. Code extracted from:

docker/pinata 56982b9e744da6f895a0a4682f2e870f526d2ea3 ```


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