Git plugin for OCurrent
Module type
Class type
Library current_git
Module Current_git . Commit
include Set.OrderedType
type t

The type of the set elements.

val compare : t -> t -> int

A total ordering function over the set elements. This is a two-argument function f such that f e1 e2 is zero if the elements e1 and e2 are equal, f e1 e2 is strictly negative if e1 is smaller than e2, and f e1 e2 is strictly positive if e1 is greater than e2. Example: a suitable ordering function is the generic structural comparison function

val id : t -> Commit_id.t
val hash : t -> string
val equal : t -> t -> bool
val pp : t Fmt.t
val pp_short : t Fmt.t

pp_short shows just the start of the hash.

val marshal : t -> string
val unmarshal : string -> t