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Cucumber BDD for OCaml







  • before updating we need to init the submodule (#37).

  • Add GitHub Actions CI (@tmcgilchrist #42 #44).

  • Various fixes for OCaml cucumber (@tmcgilchrist #41).

  • Improve odoc documentation and add an example.

  • Update base to v0.15.1 updating OCaml lower bound to 4.10.0.

  • Update README with a working example.

  • Fixup linking against libgherkin.

  • Adapt to the interface changes when updating to gherkin-c v23.

  • Move git submodule to monorepo.

  • Fixup cmdliner deprecations and update dune.

  • Updated README to read a bit better.

  • Updated Readme to reflect the new build steps.

  • Removed unnecessary submodule.

  • Updated dune project information to get things ready for release.

  • Updated dune files to use autogenerated opam.

  • Updated test make file to work with new dune build stucture.

  • Updated files to work with Dune's foreign lib interface.

  • Added gherkin-c READ ONLY as a submodule.

  • Updated based on rebase from master.

  • Added dialect example in the README.

  • Moved initialization of result code.

  • Added whitespace for readability.

  • Added the Dialect module to allow compile time checking of supported dialects of Cucumber

  • Created a means for indicating feature file dialect.

  • Removed unneeded flag in dune. * Removed unneeded flag in dune * Added freeing before caml_failwith just to ensure that everything is cleaned up before going back to OCaml runtime.

  • Refactored long code block into function in gherkin_intf.c. * Refactored long code block into function in gherkin_intf.c * Fixed small memory leak due to TokenScanner not being deleted after it is done being used

  • Added const qualifier to sFileName to fix #31.


  • Updated the underlying Gherkin C parser to version 7.0.4

  • Added a note to the README to indicate the version of Gherkin C parser that is supported


  • Bumped Janestreet's Base to 0.13.0

  • Fixed segfault when there was a parser error in the C Gerkin parser

  • Updated to use Re 1.9.0


  • Bumped version of Janestreet's Base

  • Updated everything to use Dune rather than Jbuilder.


This marks the first release of This requires the use of gherkin-c as a shared object in your OS. You will need to follow your OS's instructions for that.

Features include:

  • Matching stepdefs to steps in a feature file

  • Tags are supported except the comma as 'or'

  • Multiple feature files can be run from the command line

  • State passing between step definitions are handled by the runtime system rather than the user managing it

  • The world type is polymorphic

  • Before/After steps are supported