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CryptoVerif is an automatic protocol prover sound in the computational model. It can prove

  • secrecy;
  • correspondences, which include in particular authentication;
  • indistinguishability between two games.

It provides a generic mechanism for specifying the security assumptions on cryptographic primitives, which can handle in particular symmetric encryption, message authentication codes, public-key encryption, signatures, hash functions.

The generated proofs are proofs by sequences of games, as used by cryptographers. These proofs are valid for a number of sessions polynomial in the security parameter, in the presence of an active adversary. CryptoVerif can also evaluate the probability of success of an attack against the protocol as a function of the probability of breaking each cryptographic primitive and of the number of sessions (exact security).

This software is under development; please use it at your own risk. Comments and bug reports welcome.

Published: 16 May 2024



This directory contains examples for the translation from
CryptoVerif assumptions to EasyCrypt.

- To generate the EasyCrypt files, run `make ec`. The files are put
  in directory `generated`.

- To check the generated files / proofs, you can you run `make
  test-$x` where $x can take the following values:

    - common: check the core EasyCrypt files located in common/

    - generated: check the generated files located in generated/

    - proofs: check the proofs located in proofs/

    - proofs-fast: same as `proofs` with the exception of GDH_RSR.
      (The checking time of this example is very long)

    - all: common+generated+proofs

    - all-fast: common+generated+proofs-fast

  The proofs have been verified with EasyCrypt commit
  068fdd9c984c344c1b4a44f9f6455f41ee437a30 [1] that was
  configured with the 3 following provers:

    - Alt-Ergo@2.4.2
    - Z3@4.12.2
    - CVC4@1.6

  using Why3@1.7.0
To install that version of EasyCrypt, follow the instructions at
using opam with the command:
opam pin -yn add easycrypt

Dependencies (4)

  1. conf-m4 post
  2. cryptokit post
  3. ocamlfind post
  4. ocaml >= "4.08"

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