Convert a filesystem into a static OCaml module
Module Crunch
val output_generated_by : Pervasives.out_channel -> string -> unit

output_generated_by oc binary_name generate a comments saying who generates that file.

val scan_file : string -> string -> unit

scan_file root file records the contents of root/file.

val output_implementation : Pervasives.out_channel -> unit

Output the footer.

val output_lwt_skeleton_ml : Pervasives.out_channel -> unit

Output the Lwt helpers.

val output_lwt_skeleton_mli : Pervasives.out_channel -> unit

Output the Lwt helpers.

val output_plain_skeleton_ml : Pervasives.out_channel -> unit

Output a simple skeleton.

val walk_directory_tree : string list -> ( string -> string -> unit ) -> string -> unit

walk extensions fn root_dir traverses all the directory structure starting from root_dir and keeping only the extensions provided (or do not filter anything if the list is empty).