Establishing trust in community repositories
type alg = [

The sum type of supported signature algorithms.

type t = identifier * timestamp * alg * string

A signature is a quadruple of timestamp, identifier, algorithm, and signature value.

val equal : t -> t -> bool

equal a b is true if id, created, alg, and signature are the same.

pp sig is a pretty printer for a signature.

val of_wire : Wire.s -> ( t, err ) result

of_wire w converts w to a signature or error.

val many_of_wire : Wire.s list -> ( t Conex_utils.M.t * string list, string ) result

many_of_wire w uses of_wire on the Wire.s.List w. Prints errors to stdout if an unknown signature algorithm or multiple signatures with the same identifier are used.

val wire_raw : t -> Wire.s

wire_raw t is the wire representation of t.