package conduit

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Module allowing to build a Resolver_lwt than can perform DNS lookups.

val default_ns : Ipaddr.V4.t

Default resolver to use, which is (Google DNS).

val vchan_resolver : tld:string -> Resolver_lwt.rewrite_fn
val dns_stub_resolver : ?ns:Ipaddr.V4.t -> ?ns_port:int -> DNS.t -> Resolver_lwt.rewrite_fn

dns_stub_resolver ?ns ?dns_port dns will return a resolver that uses the stub resolver ns on port ns_port to resolve URIs via the dns network interface.

val register : ?ns:Ipaddr.V4.t -> ?ns_port:int -> ?stack:DNS.stack -> Resolver_lwt.t -> unit

register ?ns ?ns_port ?stack res TODO

val init : ?ns:Ipaddr.V4.t -> ?ns_port:int -> ?stack:DNS.stack -> unit -> Resolver_lwt.t

init ?ns ?ns_port ?stack () TODO


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