package conan

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Conan_string is a system-free implementation of the file recognition. This implementation does not uses any syscalls - and it can be safely used into a MirageOS example.

So Conan_string does not have an access to a database. The user must rebuild a Conan.Tree.t by himself via tree_of_string for example. Then, from this tree, the user is able to recognize a payload as a simple string with run:

let v =
  {file|0       byte    0x66
>1      byte    0x6f
>>1     byte    0x6f    foo header

let tree = match Conan_string.tree_of_string v with
  | Ok tree -> tree
  | Error (`Msg err) -> failwith err

let database = Conan.Tree.database ~tree

let m = match ~database contents with
  | Ok m -> m
  | Error (`Msg err) -> failwith err
val tree_of_string : string -> (Conan.Tree.t, [> `Msg of string ]) Stdlib.result

tree_of_string str tries to parse the given str as a decision tree according to the libmagic format.

val run : database:Conan.Process.database -> string -> (Conan.Metadata.t, [> `Msg of string ]) Stdlib.result

run ~database contents tries to recognize the given contents with the help of database. The databse can be made via Conan.Process.database. Indeed, a Conan.Tree.t can have some indirect decision paths so we must pre-process the tree to agglomerate such indirections.


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