package checkseum

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Adler-32, CRC32 and CRC32-C implementation in C and OCaml


Dune Dependency






Chekseum is a library which implements ADLER-32 and CRC32C Cyclic Redundancy Check. It provides 2 implementation, the first in C and the second in OCaml. The library is on top of optint to get the best representation of the CRC in the OCaml world.

Linking trick / variant

Then, as digestif, checkseum uses the linking trick. So if you want to use checkseum in a library, you can link with the checkseum package which does not provide an implementation. Then, end-user can choose between the C implementation or the OCaml implementation (both work on Mirage).

So, in utop, to be able to fully use checkseum, you need to write:

$ utop -require checkseum.c


$ utop -require checkseum.ocaml

In a dune workspace, the build-system is able to choose silently default implementation (checkseum.c) for your executable if you don't specify one of them. A dune-library is not able to choose an implementatio but still able to use the virtual library checkseum.

Build Requirements

  • OCaml >= 4.03.0

  • base-bytes

  • base-bigarray

  • dune to build

  • optint