package cfstream

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CFStream - Core-friendly extension of OCaml's Stream data structure


Streams represent a sequence of data items, which can be operated on one at a time. Thus, it is possible to operate on a large sequence of items without loading them into memory.

This library extends the standard library's Stream module with several practical functions. CFStream stands for "Core-friendly Stream". The library is so named because the API follows the Core standard library's style, e.g. labeled arguments are used. It is also inspired by Batteries's Enum module.

The implementation is useful for beginners and simple scripts. Robust high-performance software should instead use Lwt or Async.


The CFStream library is distributed according to the LGPL + linking exception terms as defined in the LICENSE file included with the source code.


The library is managed under the Biocaml project, though it is in no way specific to Biology.
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