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Implementation of PACK file in OCaml


Dune Dependency





3.9.0 (2022-03-24) Paris - France

  • Fix ocaml-git with OCaml 5.00.0 (@dinosaure, @stedolan, #559)

  • Update binaries with cmdliner.1.1.0 (@MisterDA, @dinosaure, #558)

  • Fix the reset function and properly delete PACK files (@dinosaure, @patricoferris, @dinakajoy, #561)

  • Fix dependencies of guit (@maiste, @dinosaure, #560)

  • Move the happy-eyeballs layer needed by MirageOS into mimic.0.0.5 (@dinosaure, #563)

3.8.1 (2022-04-08) Paris - France

  • Fix the push process with a copy of illegal shared bigarray (@dinosaure, 5e5392f)

3.8.0 (2022-02-03) Paris - France

  • Adapt git-mirage with awa.0.1.0 (@hannesm, #553)

  • Support new version of git into tests (@dinosaure, #532, #554)

  • Provide Store.read_opt for finding Git object (@CraigFe, #551)

  • Unify git-mirage-http and git-mirage-ssh about the authenticator (@dinosaure, @hannesm, #538, #555)

3.7.1 (2022-04-07) Paris - France

  • Fix the push process with a copy of illegal shared bigarray (@dinosaure, 2aeb677)

3.7.0 (2021-12-12) Paris - France

  • Drop unneeded mirage-protocols dependency (@hannesm, #537)

  • Delete HTTP functor and use happy-eyeballs (@dinosaure, #539)

  • Be compatible with mirage-protocols.7.0.0 (@dinosaure, #541)

  • Use Lwt.pause instead of Lwt_unix.yield (@dinosaure, #542)

  • Link with logs and logs.fmt (@MisterDA, #544)

3.6.0 (2021-10-20) Paris - France

  • Fix the documentation (@dinosaure, #534)

  • Remove some output from Git when we initialize a Git repository (@dinosaure, #534)

  • Fix fmt deprecation functions (@dinosaure, #534)

  • Use a warning instead of an error when a reference does not exists (@zshipko, @dinosaure, #533)

  • Use the last version of dns (6.0.0) (@dinosaure, @hannesm, #531)

3.5.0 (2021-09-08) Paris - France

  • Fix compilation of benchmarks (@dinosaure, #516)

  • Remove paf.cohttp dependency from MirageOS stack (@dinosaure, #519)

  • Use Cstruct.length instead of Cstruct.len (@dinosaure. #522)

  • Update to tls.0.14.0 (@dinosaure, #529)

3.4.0 (2021-22-04) Paris - France

  • Fix several issues on git-unix (@dinosaure, @sternenseemann, #488)

  • Fix set of references by git-unix (@dinosaure, @jnavila, #490, #489)

  • Remove dependency with curl (@dinosaure, #491)

  • Provide Git_unix.ctx (@dinosaure, #493)

  • Update the plumbing between carton.0.4.1 and git (@dinosaure, #493)

  • Expose information used by Git_unix to start a connection (@dinosaure, #498)

  • Add missing fmt and logs on several dune files (@CraigFe, @dinosaure, #499)

  • Be able to pass threads argument when we fetch (@dinosaure, #500)

  • Fix documentation on (@dinosaure, #501)

  • Be compatible with alcotest.1.4.0 (@dinosaure, #504)

  • Delete mimic from the distribution (now available on (@dinosaure, #505)

  • Fix temporary directories on unix tests (@dinosaure, #506)

  • Use the non-stream API of decompress for loose objects (@clecat, @dinosaure, #502)

  • Use git-paf and paf.0.0.2 instead of CoHTTP (@dinosaure, #508)

  • Don't try to download tags implicitely (@dinosaure, #507)

  • Fix bug about negotiation over HTTP connection (@dinosaure, #507)

3.3.3 (2021-21-03) Paris - France

  • Fix stack-overflow on tree objects (@zshipko, @dinosaure, #485)

3.3.2 (2021-15-03) Paris - France

  • Fix infinite loop when we don't have enough spaces for an inflated output (#480, @dinosaure, @Ngoguey42)

  • Fix bug about ephemeron/cstruct_append/O_TRUNC (#481, @dinosaure)

3.3.1 (2021-05-03) Paris - France

  • Fix tests on NixOS (@sternenseemann, #472)

  • Fix report status over git://, ssh:// and http(s):// with side-band-64k and report-status capabilities (@dinosaure, @hannesm, #474)

  • Be sure that creation of a tree is tail-rec (@dinosaure, @zshipko, #476)

  • Update to decompress.1.3.0 (@dinosaure, #477)

3.3.0 (2021-17-02) Paris - France

  • Fix tests when we push to an empty repository (#462, @dinosaure, @ulugbekna)

  • Fix new smart tests without a global git config (#463, @sternenseemann, @dinosaure)

  • Refactor tests (#464, @ulugbekna, @dinosaure)

  • Refactor (#465, @ulugbekna, @dinosaure)

  • Some preparation about Git protocol v2 (#466, @ulugbekna, @dinosaure)

  • Add HTTP/HTTPS support on the unikernel example (#467, @dinosaure)

  • Fix bug about push and capabilities (#468, @dinosaure, @hannesm, @ulugbekna)

  • Implement HTTP push and handle username & password in the given Uri.t (#469, @dinosaure)

  • breaking changes Commit object must have a double LF to separate the header and the body. This format changes hashes of commit and invalid old commits generated by ocaml-git. It seems that on the Git side, the format is not fully respected - and it's why Git did not complain about that on our tests for a long time.

    However, git fsck does this check and an HTTP push to GitHub run git fsck at the end. To be able to push (or run our unikernel over HTTP/S), we must generate right commits.

    So, we advise users to make a fake commit with Git (git commit --allow-empty -m.) on repositories used by ocaml-git and fetch it with depth:1. Otherwise, this new version of ocaml-git will refute older commits - due to the inherent isomorphism between decoder/encoder in ocaml-git.

    For Irmin users, this breaking changes does not change anything when irmin reformats correctly the message to put the second LF. However, a breaking change exists on the API level when the Git commit (and a Git tag) expects a string option now (instead of a simple `string).

    For more details and tests, see #470 (@dinosaure)

3.2.0 (2021-06-02) Saint-Malo - France

  • Fix windows support (@dinosaure, #445)

  • Remove dune subst (@dinosaure, @kit-ty-kate, #446)

  • Remove useless Lwt_io module intests (@dinosaure, @ulugbekna, #447)

  • Fix bug when we unixiz a Mirage_flow.S (@dinosaure, #450)

  • Fix unikernel, the git functoria device must take properly the given ctx (@dinosaure, @hannesm, #452)

  • Unmonad mmap (see carton) (@dinosaure, #454)

  • Fix when we push first into a Git repository (@dinosaure, @hannesm, #455 & #456)

  • Improve a bit the unikernel example (@dinosaure, #458)

  • Improve the git-mirage support with functoria (@dinosaure, #459)

3.1.1 (2021-27-01) Paris - France

  • Fix git-unix and PACK files location (@dinosaure, #444, #443)

  • Initialise (as git) correctly (add an HEAD reference, at least) (@dinosaure, #443)

3.1.0 (2021-13-01) Paris - France

  • Handle IP address on the endpoint (@dinosaure, #436)

3.0.0 (2021-08-01) Paris - France

  • Rewrite of ocaml-git (@dinosaure, #395)

  • Delete useless constraints on digestif's signature (@dinosaure, #399)

  • Add support of CoHTTP with UNIX and MirageOS (@ulugbekna, #400)

  • Add progress reporting on fetch command (@ulugbekna, #405)

  • Lint dependencies on packages (git-cohttp-unix and git-cohttp-mirage) and update to the last version of CoHTTP (@hannesm, #407)

  • Fix internal Cstruct_append implementation (@dinosaure, #401)

  • Implement shallow commit (@dinosaure, #402)

  • Update to conduit.3.0.0 (@dinosaure, #408) (deleted by the integration of mimic)

  • Delete use of ocurl (@dinosaure, #410)

  • Delete the useless old git-mirage package (@hannesm, #411)

  • Fix about unresolved endpoint with conduit.3.0.0 (@dinosaure, #412)

  • Refactors fetch command (@ulugbekna, #404)

  • Fix ephemerons about temporary devices (@dinosaure, #413)

  • Implementation of ogit-fetch as an example (@ulugbekna, #406)

  • Rename nss to git-nss (@dinosaure, #415)

  • Refactors git-nss (@ulugbekna, #416)

  • Update (@ulugbekna, #417)

  • Replace deprecated Fmt functions (@ulugbekna, #421)

  • Delete physical equality (@ulugbekna, #422)

  • Rename prelude argument by uses_git_transport (@ulugbekna, #423)

  • Refactors Smart decoder (@ulugbekna, #424)

  • Constraint to use fmt.0.8.7 (@dinosaure, #425)

  • Small refactors in git-nss (@dinosaure, #427)

  • Delete conduit.3.0.0 and replace it by mimic (@dinosaure, #428)

  • Delete the useless verify function on fetch and push (@dinosaure, #429)

  • Delete pin-depends on awa (@dinosaure, #431)

2.1.3 (2020-30-06) Paris - France

  • Move to encoder.0.5 (#393, @dinosaure)

  • Move to angstrom.0.14.0 (#384, @sternenseemann)

  • Add missing Time argument to Resolver_mirage.Make_with_stack (#389, @talex5)

  • Fix .ocamlformat file (#389, @talex5)

  • Enlarge internal buffer used to parse Git object (#389, @dinosaure)

  • Update (#383, @dinosaure)

  • Use mirage-crypto instead nocrypto (#382, @hannesm)

  • Add constraint on dune package (@kit-ty-kate)

2.1.2 (2019-14-11) Paris - France

  • unlock git to use, at least, checkseum.0.0.9 (#373, @dinosaure)

  • remove build directive on dune dependency (#374, @CraigFe)

  • adapt to MirageOS 3.7.0 (#376, @hannesm)

  • fix infinite loop with index file (version 2) (#378, @kit-ty-kate, @dinosaure)

2.1.1 (2019-10-04) Somone - Sénégal

  • Replace Pervasives by Stdlib and depends on stdlib-shims virtual package (@dinosaure, #372)

  • Add pp_fetch_one and pp_update_and_create (@dinosaure, @pascutto, @samoht, #370)

  • git-mirage depends on conduit-mirage instead mirage-conduit (@dinosaure, #371)

  • Drop support of OCaml < 4.07.0

  • Delete mirage-fs-unix useless dependency

  • Constraint to use only decompress.0.9.0

2.1.0 (2019-07-10)

  • Move to the last version of decompress (@dinosaure, #366)

  • Check order of entries in a tree object (bug found by @samoht, fixed by @dinosaure, #365)

  • Use mmap package (@dinosaure, #347, #360)

  • Update (@tcoopman, @dinosaure, #337, #359)

  • trim the window used to pack (@pqwy, @dinosaure, #357, #358)

  • Use lastest version of lru.0.3.0 (@pqwy, @dinosaure, #352, #356)

  • Fix smart protocol (fixed by @clecat and @dinosaure, feedbacks from @hannesm)

  • Pull-request #351, #350, #338

  • Issues #335, #342, #346

    • regression tests was added (@dinosaure)

    • semantics about negociation was explained (@clecat)

    • end-to-end tests partially done (@hannesm)

  • Remove sexplib dependency (@samoht, #349)

  • Fix smart protocol to accept empty response from ls-remote (bug found by @hannesm, fixed by @dinosaure, #348)

  • Add io-page-unix as dependency to tests git-mirage (@dinosaure, #345)

  • Remove deprecated Cstruct.add_len (replaced by ke) (@dinosaure, #345)

  • Use Uri.user_info to be able to be authentified by a service like GitHub (@linse, review by @dinosaure, #341, #343)

  • avoid clash between digestif.c and digestif.ocaml implementation (same for checkseum)

  • remove implementation dependencies on git-unix and git-mirage (bug found by @hannesm and @linse, fixed by @dinosaure, #339)

    This update should be fixed by dune's variants and >= digestif.0.7.2 and >= checkseum.0.1.0

  • breaking-change add etmp as already-allocated buffer to encode Git object (@dinosaure, #336)

  • add ke.0.3 as new dependency

  • consumed inputs for every entries in a tree (bug found by @zspicko, fixed by @dinosaure, #334)

2.0.0 (2018-10-17)

  • New world, new version

1.11.3 (2017-11-20)

  • add ocplib-endian to dependencies of git (#233, @hannesm)

1.11.2 (2017-08-02)

  • Update to conduit.1.0 and cohttp.0.99 (#226, @samoht)

1.11.1 (2017-07-25)

  • [git-unix] Fix linking issue of the ogit binary on some package configurations (#225, @samoht)

1.11.0 (2016-06-01)

  • Add ogit add-commit-parent to add a new parent to a given commit (#208, @samoht)

  • port to jbuilder (#209, @samoht)

  • port to mtime 1.0 (#212, @dinosaure and @samoht)

  • use Decompress instead of camlzip (#211, @dinosaure and @samoht)

1.10.1 (2017-04-15)

  • Improve API docs (#201, @olleolleolle)

  • Compat with cmdliner 1.0 (#202, @samoht)

  • Fix typos and links in docs (@smeruelo and @olleolleolle)

1.10.0 (2017-02-15)

  • Adapt to Mirage3 (@samoht, @avsm, @yomimono, @hannesm)

  • Add IO.test_and_set to automatically update references (#185, @samoht)

  • Better Windows support (#187, @samoht)

    • unix: Translate Git references into valid Windows filenames

    • fix/work-around upstream issues to make the tests pass on Windows

  • Split the package into 4 packages: git, git-http, git-unix and git-mirage (#189, @samoht)

1.9.3 (2016-11-09)

  • Turn a bunch of info message into debug statements (#169, @samoht)

1.9.2 (2016-10-16)

  • Do not depend on ocaml-crc anymore: less C code means, easier to port to other MirageOS backends (#166, @g2p)

1.9.1 (2016-10-04)

  • Cache all intermediate values when expending packed values. This speeds-up pack access quite a lot in practice, especially when the pack files are big (#163)

1.9.0 (2016-09-30)

  • Use safe-string (#160, @samoht)

  • Support camlzip 1.06 (#160, @samoht)

  • Use topkg, remove pack (#158, @samoht)

1.8.0 (2016-05-03)

  • References can point to non-commit hashes (#123, @samoht)

  • Rename Git.SHA into Git.Hash (@samoht)

  • Remove Git.Sync.populate but add Git.Sync.clone to replace the previous fetch+populate (#122, @samoht)

  • Fix the API so that references can point to any kind of hashes (#123, @samoht)

  • Fix duplicated references when mixing packed and loose references (#124, @samoht)

  • Use astring, logs and fmt (@samoht)

  • Add Store.size. Before, the only way to get the size of a file was to decompress the whole thing. The main win comes from getting the size of raw packed objects without decompressing. (#143, @talex5)

  • Workaround a memory leak in lwt: See ocsigen/lwt#229, which caused IO.rec_file and thus the watch mechanism on Unix to leak memory (#146, @samoht)

  • Fix performance regression when reading large files (#147, @chambart)

1.7.3 (2016-02-19)

  • Git_unix now works on MinGW

1.7.2 (2016-01-21)

  • Do not mmap files, as there is no way to easily control the unmap of bigarrays. This remove EMFILE errors under load (#133, @talex5)

  • Fix comparison of entries in the index file. This fix a random issue which might happen when entries in a pack file are checkout and updated (@samoht)

1.7.1 (2015-08-10)

  • Support cohtpp 0.19.1. (#119, @rgrinberg)

  • Revert API break for the Sync functor. Now still takes only a Store.S as parameter. (#120)

1.7.0 (2015-08-06)

  • Changes to the Search API:

    • Remove find_exn

    • the type t has a new case Tree_root to represent tree roots

    • the type path is now structured (not a list of strings anymore). this removes the confusing semantics of empty strings in paths.

  • Changes to the Global_graph API:

    • closure takes an optional full argument to work over commit objects only

    • All the arguments of pack are labelled and its result type has changed.

    • Add keys to return the topological sort of keys in the graph.

  • Improve the size of pack files received when fetching (#115)

    • advertise the fact that ocaml-git clients support ofs-delta and thin-pack

    • Compute a minimal set of haves to send to the server after the discovery phase, where we already know all the server references (#114)

  • Unpack shallow pack files after a fetch

  • Full support for shallow packs (#81)

  • During fetch, we now respect the "allow-reachable-sha1-in-want" server (non-)capability. A proper error is reported to the client if that's not the case.

  • Parametrize the codebase over the Inflate implementation. Useful to change the inflate algorithm (or to not use any at all, which would be what we want for big files and/or for efficient writes) and to simplify the port to other backends. Store.S implementations now expose their Inflate implementation.

  • Parametrize the codebase over the SHA implementation. Useful to change the SHA algorihm (the unix backend provides SHA256) or simplify the port to other backends (the mirage backend uses a pure OCaml implementation extracted from uuidm). Store.S implementations now expose their Digest implementation (#68)

  • Better sync API (#113)

    • Change the arguments of Sync.fetch

    • Remove Sync.clone

    • Add Sync.populate to be called after a fetch to properly populate the local Git repository (similar to what git clone does).

    • Add ogit clone --no-checkout and make ogit clone --bare more similar to the same git command.

  • Support Github http(s) URLs without .git (#111)

  • Add a dot_git optional parameter to Store.create to specify where the Git metadata should be stored (default is still <root>/.git). This is useful to properly support bare repositories (#110)

  • Full support for 32 bit platform (ie. continue the patch started in 1.6.2).

  • Rework the Git.Pack and Git.Pack_index API to speed-up random access.

  • Add a Git.SHA.Array module to work with contiguous arrays of SHA1.

  • Rename Git.SHA.lenght to Git.SHA.hex_length to avoid confusion.

  • Expose Git.SHA.of_short_hex to create short hashes. Git.SHA.of_hex now only accept 40 characters hexa-decimal strings.

  • Improve the output of ogit clone by showing progress when the pack file is downloaded and when the delta are resolved.

1.6.2 (2015-07-16)

  • Support 32 bit platform by avoiding creating large strings. This also improve the performance of reading and synchronizin large pack files (#103, #105 @gregtatcam)

1.6.1 (2015-07-14)

  • Fix a bug in ogit pull using the smart HTTP protocol when the HTTP temporary buffer could sometimes be overfill.

  • Avoid closing twice the same fd in the smart HTTP protocol.

  • Avoid the GC to close a fd while we are still using a channel built on top of it -- this affects the smart HTTP protocol only.

  • Add an opam file for the mirage-git package.

1.6.0 (2015-07-11)

  • Allow some references to contain pointer to other references (#96)

  • Improve the support for 32bit architectures (#97)

  • Add Reference.pp_head_contents and Reference.equal_head_contents.

  • Remove Store.clear and replace it by Memory.clear, Memory.clear_all and FS.remove. This let users have a finer control over the memory consumption of the program over time (related to #90)

  • Rename all pp_hum functions into pp.

  • Fix regression in Sync.fetch and add unit-tests (running only in slow mode).

  • Fix reading of .git/HEAD when the contents is a commit hash.

  • Depends on Stringext for all the extra string function needed.

1.5.3 (2015-07-10)

  • Fix listing of packed references (#98)

1.5.2 (2015-07-04)

  • Fix handling of empty paths (#89)

  • Fix the serialization of dates in commit objects

  • Expose Git.Packed_value.PIC.pretty

  • Improve the efficiency of Git_unix.FS.remove

  • Partial support for shallow packs (#81)

  • Fix an mmap leak introduced in 1.5.* (#90)

  • Remove the dependency to OUnit for the tests

  • Improve the pretty printers and the output of ogit

1.5.1 (2015-06-18)

  • Fix filesystem expansion when a filen ame becomes a directory name or when a directory name becomes a file name (#87)

  • Fix the order of entries in the tree objects (#86)

  • Fix the compilation of tests (#85)

  • Fetch all remote refs on synchronize (#83, by @AltGr)

1.5.0 (2015-06-12)

  • Compatibility with cohttp.0.18. (#80 by @rgrinberg)

  • Simplify the mirage sync API to use conduit 0.8.4 (breaking API changes)

  • Change ogit cat-file to behave exactly as git cat-file The previous command is renamed to ogit cat (#75 by @codinuum)

  • ogit now supports short hashes instead of full SHA1 (#75 by @codinuum)

  • Add to read raw pack files (#75 by @codinuum)

  • Git.Pack_index.t now uses a cache of entries. This is more efficient than the previous representation (#75 by @codinuum)

  • Add Git.Pack_index.mem to find an entry in the pack index cache (#75 by @codinuum)

  • Add Git.Pack_index.find_offset to find an offset in the pack index cache (#75 by @codinuum)

  • Add Git.Packed_value.to_value to unpack a value stored in a pack file (#75 by @codinuum)

  • Support synchronisation for MirageOS unikernels (#70)

1.4.11 (2015-03-11)

  • Fix multi round-trips in the smart HTTP protocol. This fixes depth-limited clones (#71) and fetches.

  • Create the git.http library for abstracting away bits of the smart HTTP protocol.

  • Add User-Agent in the headers of the smart HTTP protocol. This makes happy. (#66, patch from @vklquevs)

1.4.10 (2015-02-05)

  • Fix support for the smart HTTP protocol (report by @talex5, mirage/irmin#138)

1.4.9 (2015-02-04)

  • Remove the OGITTMPDIR and alway store temp files under git/tmp (mirage/irmin#132)

1.4.8 (2015-02-04)

  • Fix LRU cache: SHA1 should be unique in the cache (regression introduced in 1.4.3). This was causing confusing read results under load.

  • Reading objects now updates the LRU cache

  • Fix a regression in ogit cat-file which were displaying nothing for small objects.

1.4.7 (2015-02-03)

  • Fix the filesystem updates for non-bare repositories (reported by @avsm)

  • Git.write_index now takes an optional index argument

  • Index entries should be fixed alphabetically

  • Remove raw printf (#60)

  • More flexibility on where to write temp files. The directory name can be configured by write calls, and the default is OGITTMPDIR if set, then Filename.get_temp_dir_name -- as it was in 1.4.5, see #51

1.4.6 (2015-01-29)

  • Expose Git.Value.Cache.set_size to change the LRU cache size

  • Reduce the default LRU cache size (in 1.4.4 it was set to 64k, now it's 512)

  • More precise type for commit dates

  • Add to load toplevel printers for Git values

1.4.5 (2015-01-19)

  • Support packed-refs files, to read references packed by git gc (reported by Gregory Tsipenyuk)

  • Fix the filesystem backend when TMPDIR is not on the same partition as the Git repository (#51, patch from @vklquevs)

1.4.4 (2015-01-12)

  • Support the smart HTTP Git protocol (#26)

  • Best-effort creation of files when expanding the index into the filesystem: Skip the invalid filenames and continue. Users are expected to sanitize their filenames if they want to use a non-bare repository (#11)

  • Overwrite changed file when expanding the index into the filesystem (#4)

  • Do not recompute the hash of blob files when expanding the index into the filesystem. This help fixing a speed issue with non-bare repo with lots of file.

  • Rename {write,read}_cache to {write,read}_index

  • Rename Cache to Index

  • Expose the protocol capabilities to the client

  • Support side-band-64k protocol capability (#44)

  • Fix support for git+ssh (#39)

  • Expose zlib compression level (#41)

  • Maintain a cache of opened files (#29, Pierre Chambart)

1.4.3 (2014-12-19)

  • Fix regression introduced in 1.4.3 appearing when synchronising big repositories (#38)

  • Fix concurrent read/write by using an atomic rename (#35)

  • Tree objects can also point to commits (@codinuum)

  • Reduce allocation (@codinuum)

  • Use LRU cache instead of an unbounde Hashtbl (code imported for Simon Cruanes's CCache implementation)

  • Remove the crazy unbounded caching in Git.FS. Use the LRU everywhere (#22)

  • Fix fd leaking (#29)

  • Update to dolog.1.0

  • Remove dependency to camlp4

  • Remove lots of warnings

  • Move Git_unix and Git_mirage in their own subdirs as it was causing issues to oasis (#5, Simon Cruanes)

  • Use Bytes instead of String (#5, Simon Cruanes)

1.4.2 (2014-12-14)

  • Fix Git_unix.IO.write_file to work on empty files

1.4.1 (2014-12-4)

  • Fix ogit --version (#22)

  • Expose the backend type

  • Expose Git_unix.Sync.IO

1.4.0 (2014-11-20)

  • Port to Conduit 0.6.0 API.

  • Depend on ocaml-hex

1.3.0 (2014-10-16)

  • Remove the dependency on core_kernel

  • Use ocaml-nocrypto instead of ocaml-sha1

1.2.0: (2014-06-10)

  • Can consume Mirage's V1_LWT.FS signature to generate a persistent store. This allows to store Git repos directly inside raw block devices (no need of filesystem anymore).

  • Minor API refactoring to abstract the Unix layer cleanly.

  • Expose a filesystem functor to create filesystem backends independent of Unix.

  • Simplify the ocamlfind packages: there's only git and git.unix.

1.1.0: (2014-06-02)

  • Support for push (not optimized at all)

  • Fix the generation of .dot file representing the Git repo

  • Fix serialization of executable files in the cache

  • Fix reading the total number of keys in a pack index file

  • Use ocaml-conduit to set-up connections with remote repositories

  • USe ocaml-uri to specify Git Remote Identifiers

  • Depend the implementation of patience diff in pure OCaml (unused for now)

1.0.2: (2014-04-19)

  • Catch, improve and propagate Zlib inflation errors (which usually pop-ups on incomplete files)

1.0.1: (2014-04-10)

  • Escape invalid chars in path names

  • Do not link with camlp4 when using as a libray

1.0.0: (2014-02-10)

  • Support for reading and writing pack indexes

  • Support for reading and writing pack files

  • Refactor the API: each Git object has now its own file, with a consistent signature

  • ogit clone now correctly set-up the cache file (which means that git status and git diff will now work as expected on a repository created by ogit)

  • Add ogit read-tree COMMIT

  • Add ogit ls-files [--all]

  • Support for reading and writing cache files

0.10.2: (2014-01-20)

  • Strip the contents of references file

  • Improve the pretty-printing of SHA1 values

  • Add some info message when reading files in the local backend

0.10.1: (2014-01-15)

  • Add missing files (fix build)

  • Add GitTypes.S.mem_reference

  • Add GitTypes.S.remove_reference

  • Add GitTypes.S.mem to check if an object exists in the store

0.10.0: (2014-01-14)

  • Support for in-memory stores

  • Add ogit cat-file

  • Add ogit ls-remote

  • Add ogit fetch

  • Add ogit clone

  • Switch non-blocking IO using Lwt

0.9.0: (2014-01-04)

  • Initial release


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