package bos

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include module type of struct include Astring.Char end

Characters (bytes in fact).


type t = char

The type for bytes.

val of_byte : int -> char

of_byte b is a byte from b.

  • raises Invalid_argument

    if b is not in the range [0x00;0xFF].

val of_int : int -> char option

of_int b is a byte from b. None is returned if b is not in the range [0x00;0xFF].

val to_int : char -> int

to_int b is the byte b as an integer.

val hash : char -> int

hash is Hashtbl.hash.


val equal : char -> char -> bool

equal b b' is b = b'.

val compare : char -> char -> int

compare b b' is b b'.

Bytes as US-ASCII characters

module Ascii = Astring.Char.Ascii

US-ASCII character support

Pretty printing

val pp : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> char -> unit

pp ppf c prints c on ppf.

val dump : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> char -> unit

dump ppf c prints c as a syntactically valid OCaml char on ppf using Ascii.escape_char


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