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SMT solver for AUFBVFP






1.0.5 (2023-02-23)

  • Enable macOS Homebrew distribution

1.0.4 (2023-02-14)

  • Fix an issue with get_value and assignment when the term is an array or a function

1.0.3 (2022-08-30)

Update Bitwuzla sources.

Vendor submodules:

1.0.2 (2022-06-16)

Update Bitwuzla and its dependencies to more recent versions.

Vendor submodules:

1.0.1 (2021-12-20)

  • Fix timeout function not working properly

  • Decrease default model generation level (2 -> 1)

1.0.0 (2021-07-11)

Brand new Bitwuzla OCaml API in addition the low level Bitwuzla_c C API.

Online documentation is available at

  • bitwuzla-c package installs C API binding;

  • bitwuzla package installs more OCaml-ish, type safer Bitwuzla API.

Vendor submodules:

0.0.1 (2021-05-24)

  • Fix compilation errors on non debian familly os:

    • Remove bitwuzla-bin package (it required non always available static version of system libraries)

    • Completely rework the building rules of foreign archives (side effect: drop conf-cmake dependency)

    • Fix Cadical compilation on archlinux

  • Upgrade dune to 2.7 (fix opam lint warning)

0.0.0 (2021-05-20)

Initial release.

OCaml binding for the SMT solver Bitwuzla.

  • Bitwuzla_c library exposes low level functions from the C API;

  • Bitwuzla_z library converts bitvector value to Zarith integer;

  • bitwuzla-bin package installs Bitwuzla executable.

Vendor submodules: