package bechamel

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type 'a impl = (module S.MEASURE with type witness = 'a)

Type of module implementation to record a measure.

type 'a measure

Type of measure. 'a represents the witness to record the measure.

type witness

Abtract type of a witness to be able to record a measure.

val register : 'w impl -> 'w measure

register (module Measure) registers a implementation to record a specific measure. The implementation will be globally accessible.

val instance : 'w impl -> 'w measure -> witness

instance (module Measure) measure returns a value which is able to introspect a measure measure.

val load : witness -> unit

load w signals to the operating-system to allocate ressources needed to record the underlying measure.

val unload : witness -> unit

unload w releases operating-system's ressources to record the underlying measure.

val label : witness -> string

label w is the name of the underlying measure represented by w.

val unit : witness -> string
type value =
  1. | V : 'w * 'w impl -> value
val prj : witness -> value
val run : string

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