package base_bigstring

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String type based on [Bigarray], for use in I/O and C-bindings


Dune Dependency





Release v0.16.0:

  • Improved support for locals (stack allocation):

    • Add [@local] attribute to the t arguments of length, unsafe_set_int8, unsafe_set_int16_le, unsafe_set_int16_be, unsafe_set_int32_le and unsafe_set_int32_be.

    • Likewise for the Int64.t arguments of set_int64_t_le, set_int64_t_be, unsafe_set_int64_t_le, and unsafe_set_int64_t_be.

    • Add new Local module providing get_int64_t_le, get_int64_t_be, unsafe_get_int64_t_le, and unsafe_get_int64_t_be functions that return local Int64.t values.

  • New functions:

    • unsafe_get: retrieves character at specified position, without bounds checks

    • unsafe_set: sets character at specified position, without bounds checks

    • memmem: searches for the position of a substring of needle in a substring of haystack with optional parameters for positions and lengths; returns an int option

    • unsafe_memmem: unsafe version of memmem function, without bounds checks