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Base64 encoding for OCaml


Dune Dependency





v3.5.1 (2023-01-24)

  • Few fixes about benchmarks and tests (#51, @tbrk, @dinosaure)

  • Add missing dependency about fmt and fix the compilation for OCaml 5.0 (#52, @kit-ty-kate)

v3.5.0 (2021-02-08)

  • Fix support for x-compilation (@samoht, #44)

  • Update to dune.2.0 and apply ocamlformat (@samoht, #45)

  • Select only with dune (@emillon, #46)

  • Remove indirect dependecy to ocamlfind (@kit-ty-kate, #49)

  • Hide internals of base64 and return a string as the alphabet (@reynir, #48) breaking chnages Base64.alphabet is updated and return a simple string now

v3.4.0 (2020-03-13)

  • Fix tests about alcotest.1.0.0 (@dinosaure, #40)

  • Be more strict about padding when we decode a base64 input (@dinosaure, @hannesm, @cfcs, #43)

  • Remove fmt dependency (#43)

v3.3.0 (2019-01-30)

  • Remove build directive on dune dependency (@CraigFe, #35)

  • Make error poly-variant open (@copy, #39)

  • Use unsafe_bytes_set16u instead unsafe_string_set16u (@dinosaure, @hhugo, @avsm, #37)

v3.2.0 (2019-04-04)

  • Base64_rfc2045.decode can now progress on many input errors, allowing clients to make forward progress by discarding a single character and trying to continue. This allows, for example, newlines and other invalid characters to be discarded. (#34 @tiash, review by @dinosaure @avsm)

  • Add more test cases for RFC2045 (#34 @dinosaure)

  • Improve README toplevel output example (#28 @djs55)

v3.1.0 (2019-02-03)

  • Add Base64.encode_string that doesn't raise or return an error. This makes it easier to port pre-3.0 code to the new interface (#26 @avsm)

v3.0.0 (2018-01-21)

  • Implementation of Base64 according to RFC 2045 (available on base64.rfc2045)

  • New implementation of Base64 according to RFC 4648 from nocrypto's implementation

  • Fix bad access with String.iter on the old implementation of Base64 (@dinosaure, #23)

  • Check isomorphism between encode & decode function (@hannesm, @dinosaure, #20)

  • Add tests from RFC 3548 and from PHP impl. (@hannesm, @dinosaure, #24)

  • Add fuzzer on both implementations

  • check isomorphism

  • check bijection

  • check if decode does not raise any exception

  • break-api, B64 was renamed to Base64 (@copy, @avsm, @dinosaure, #17)

  • break-api, Base64.decode and Base64.encode returns a result type instead to raise an exception (@hannesm, @dinosaure, #21)

  • break-api, Add sub type to avoid allocation to the end-user (@avsm, @dinosaure, #24)

  • break-api, Add pad argument on decode function to check if input is well-padded or not (@hannesm, @dinosaure, #24)

  • break-api, Add off and len optional arguments on encode & decode functions to compute a part of input (@cfcs, @dinosaure, #24)

  • Better performance (see #24) (@dinosaure)

  • Review of code by @cfcs (see #24)

v2.3.0 (2018-11-23)

  • Add a decode_opt function that is a non-raising variant of decode.

  • Reformat the code with ocamlformat (@dinosaure)

  • Port build to dune from jbuilder (@dinosaure

v2.2.0 (2017-06-20)

  • Switch to jbuilder (#13, @rgrinberg)

v2.1.2 (2016-10-18)

  • Fix version number (#11, @hannesm)

v2.1.1 (2016-10-03)

  • Switch build to topkg and obey the odig conventions for installing metadata files.

  • Add a test suite based on RFC4648 test vectors.

  • Improve Travis CI tests to be multidistro.

v2.0.0 (2014-12-24)

  • Switch the top-level Base64 module to B64 to avoid clashing with various other similarly named modules in extlib and some other libraries. This is obviously backwards compatibility breaking with all current users of this library. (#3).

1.1.0 (2014-12-16)

  • Allow specifying a different alphabet during encoding or decoding, and supply a URI-safe alphabet along with the default Base64 standard.

  • Add OCaml 4.02 safe-string compatibility.

  • Optionally support encoding without padding.

1.0.0 (2014-08-03)

  • Initial public release.


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