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Full standard library replacement for OCaml


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Release v0.16.0

Changes across many modules:

  • Replaced Caml with Stdlib. The Caml module predated Stdlib and has been redundant for some time.

  • Added support for local allocations. This is a nonstandard OCaml extension available at

    Support includes:

    • updating functions to accept [@local] arguments, especially closures

    • local constructors, like Array.create_local and Bytes.create_local

    • new versions of interfaces supporting local values, such as Applicative.S_local

    • [@@deriving globalize] on some types, for converting local values to global values

  • Rename Polymorphic_compare submodules to Comparisons. The former was a misnomer. While the comparisons for a given type are meant to replace polymorphic compare operators, they are not polymorphic themselves.

  • Added Container.S_with_creators and Indexed_container.S_with_creators. Used these in container modules such as Array, List, and String. These interfaces standardize functions like map and filter. Along the way, refactored module types in Container and Indexed_container.

  • In signatures for fold* functions, renamed accumulator type variables to 'acc for improved readability.

  • Added of_string_opt to Int_intf.S.

  • Added dequeue_and_ignore_exn to Queue_intf.S.

Changes to individual modules:

  • Bool: added select, a primitive using CMOV on architectures that support it.

  • Comparable:

    • Added 'a reversed and compare_reversed, to support deriving inverted comparisons, e.g.: [%compare: My_type.t Comparable.reversed]

    • Added Derived2_phantom, similar to Derived_phantom.

    • Made Derived*.comparator_witness types injective.

  • Float:

    • Added hyperbolic trig functions acosh, asinh, and atanh to Float.

    • Added Float.of_string_opt.

  • Hash_set: Made t injective.

  • Hashtbl:

    • Added choose_randomly and choose_randomly_exn.

    • Made Hashtbl.t injective.

  • Lazy: Added peek, extracting an already-forced value if present.

  • Map:

    • Added split_le_gt, split_lt_ge, and transpose_keys.

    • Added Make_applicative_traversals, allowing some applicatives to improve performance when operating on maps.

    • Corrected documentation of performance for filter* functions.

    • Refactored module types in Among other changes, propagated ~comparator argument slightly differently to allow expressing type of transpose_keys properly.

  • Monad: Documented performance characteristics of Ident.

  • Option: Deprecated functions from Container but not particularly useful for options.

  • Ppx_compare_lib: Removed primitive functions; ppx_compare now explicitly refers to these via Stdlib.

  • Sequence: Changed Step.t variant type to use inlined records.

  • Set:

    • Added of_tree, to_tree, split_le_gt, and split_lt_ge.

    • Created a single shared 'a Named.t type to, rather than using a new type in every instance of Accessors.

    • Made Set.t injective in both type arguments.

    • Refactored module types in

  • Sexpable: Of_stringable now provides t_sexp_grammar.

  • Sign and Sign_or_nan: Added to_string_hum.

  • Stack: added filter, filter_inplace, and filter_map.

  • String: added concat_lines, pad_left, pad_right, and unsafe_sub

  • Sys: added opaque_identity_global, which forces its argument to be globally allocated.

  • Type_equal: Id.Uid now implements Identifiable.S

  • Uniform_array: add sort

Old pre-v0.15 changelogs (very likely stale and incomplete)

git version

  • Renamed Result.ok_fst to Result.to_either (old name remains as deprecated alias). Added analogous Result.of_either function.

  • Removed deprecated values Array.truncate, {Obj_array, Uniform_array}.unsafe_truncate, Result.ok_unit, {Result, Or_error}.ignore.

  • Changed the signature of Hashtbl.equal to take the data equality function first, allowing it to be used with [%equal: t].

  • Remove deprecated function List.dedup.

  • Remove deprecated string mutation functions from the String module.

  • Removed deprecated function Monad.all_ignore in favor of Monad.all_unit.

  • Deprecated Or_error.ignore and Result.ignore in favor of Or_error.ignore_m and Result.ignore_m.

  • Ordered_collection_common.get_pos_len now returns an Or_error.t

  • Added Bool.Non_short_circuiting.

  • Added Float.square.

  • Remove module Or_error.Ok.

  • module Ref doesn't implement Container.S1 anymore.

  • Rename parameter of Sequence.merge from cmp to compare.

  • Added Info.of_lazy_t

  • Added List.partition_result function, to partition a list of Result.t values

  • Changed the signature of equal from 'a t -> 'a t -> equal:('a -> 'a -> bool) -> bool to ('a -> 'a -> bool) -> 'a t -> 'a t -> bool.

  • Optimized to check physical equality before forcing the lazy values.

  • Deprecated Args in the Applicative interface in favor of using ppx_let.

  • Deprecated Array.replace arr i ~f in favor of using arr.(i) <- (f (arr.(i)))

  • Rename collection length parameter of Ordered_collection_common functions from length to total_length, and add a unit argument to get_pos_len and get_pos_len_exn.

  • Removed functions that were deprecated in 2016 from the Array and Set modules.

  • Int.Hex.of_string and friends no longer silently ignore a suffix of non-hexadecimal garbage.

  • Added ?backtrace argument to Or_error.of_exn_result.

  • now returns a List.Or_unequal_lengths.t instead of an option.

  • Remove functions from the Sequence module that were deprecated in 2015.

  • Container.Make and Container.Make0 now require callers to either provide a custom length function or request that one be derived from fold. Container.to_array's signature is also changed to accept length and iter instead of fold.

  • Exposed module Int_math.


  • Deprecated Not_found, people who need it can use Caml.Not_found, but its use isn't recommended.

  • Added the Sexp.Not_found_s exception which will replace Caml.Not_found as the default exception in a future release.

  • Document that Array.find_exn, Array.find_map_exn, and Array.findi_exn may throw Caml.Not_found or Not_found_s.

  • Document that Hashtbl.find_exn may throw Caml.Not_found or Not_found_s.

  • Document that List.find_exn, and List.find_map_exn may throw Caml.Not_found or Not_found_s.

  • Document that List.find_exn may throw Caml.Not_found or Not_found_s.

  • Document that String.lsplit2_exn, and String.rsplit2_exn may throw Caml.Not_found or Not_found_s.

  • Added Sys.backend_type.

  • Removed unnecessary unit argument from Hashtbl.create.

  • Removed deprecated operations from Hashtbl.

  • Removed Hashable.t constructors from Hashtbl and Hash_set, instead favoring the first-class module constructors.

  • Removed Container operations from Either.First and Either.Second.

  • Changed the type of fold_until in the Container interfaces. Rather than returning a Finished_or_stopped_early.t (which has also been removed), the function now takes a finish function that will be applied the result if f never returned a Stop _.

  • Removed the String_dict module.

  • Added a Queue module that is backed by an Option_array for efficient and (non-allocating) implementations of most operations.

  • Added a Poly submodule to Map and Set that exposes constructors that use polymorphic compare.

  • Deprecated all_ignore in the Monad and Applicative interfaces in favor of all_unit.

  • Deprecated Array.replace_all in favor of Array.map_inplace, which is the standard name for that sort of operation within Base.

  • Document that List.find_exn, and List.find_map_exn may throw Caml.Not_found or Not_found_s.

  • Make ~compare a required argument to List.dedup_and_sort, List.dedup, List.find_a_dup, List.contains_dup, and List.find_all_dups.

  • Removed List.exn_if_dup. It is still available in core_kernel.

  • Removed "normalized" index operation List.slice. It is still available in core_kernel.

  • Remove "normalized" index operations from Array, which incluced Array.normalize, Array.slice, Array.nget and Array.nset. These operations are still available in core_kernel.

  • Added Uniform_array module that is just like an Array except guarantees that the representation array is not tagged with Double_array_tag, the tag for float arrays.

  • Added Option_array module that allows for a compact representation of 'a optoin array, which avoids allocating heap objects representing Some a.

  • Remove "normalized" index operations from String, which incluced String.normalize, String.slice, String.nget and String.nset. These operations are still available in core_kernel.

  • Added missing conversions between Int63 and other integer types, specifically, the versions that return options.

  • Added truncating versions of integer conversions, with a suffix of _trunc. These allow fast conversions via bit arithmetic without any conditional failure; excess bits beyond the width of the output type are simply dropped.

  • Added, similar to

  • Reimplemented so that it does not allocate.

  • Added String.is_substring_at string ~pos ~substring. Used it as back-end for is_suffix and is_prefix.

  • Moved all remaining Replace_polymorphic_compare submodules from Base types and consolidated them in one place within Import0.

  • Removed (<=.) and its friends.

  • Added Sys.argv.

  • Added a infix exponentation operator for int.

  • Added a Formatter module to reexport the Format.formatter type and updated the deprecation message for Format.


(Changes that can break existing programs are marked with a "*")


  • Generalized the type of Printf.ifprintf to reflect OCaml's stdlib.

  • Made Sequence.fold_m and iter_m respect Skip steps and explicitly bind when they occur.

  • Changed Float.is_negative and is_non_positive on NaN to return false rather than true.

  • Fixed the Validate.protect function, which was mistakenly raising exceptions.

API changes

  • Renamed Map.add as set, and deprecated add. A later feature will add add and add_exn in the style of Hashtbl.

  • A different hash function is used to implement Base.Int.hash. The old implementation was Int.abs but collision resistance is not enough, we want avalanching as well. The new function is an adaptation of one of the Thomas Wang hash functions to OCaml (63-bit integers), which results in reasonably good avalanching.

  • Made open Base expose infix float operators (+., -., etc.).

  • Renamed List.dedup to List.dedup_and_sort, to better reflect its existing behavior.

  • Added Hashtbl.find_multi and Map.find_multi.

  • Added function Map.of_increasing_sequence for constructing a Map.t from an ordered Sequence.t

  • Added function List.chunks_of : 'a t -> length : int -> 'a t t, for breaking a list into chunks of equal length.

  • Add to module Random numeric functions that take upper and lower inclusive bounds, e.g. Random.int_incl : int -> int -> int.

  • Replaced Exn.Never_elide_backtrace with Backtrace.elide, a ref cell that determines whether Backtrace.to_string and Backtrace.sexp_of_t elide backtraces.

  • Exposed infix operator Base.( @@ ).

  • Exposed modules Base.Continue_or_stop and Finished_or_stopped_early, used with the Container.fold_until function.

  • Exposed module types Base.T, T1, T2, and T3.

  • Added Sequence.Expert functions next_step and delayed_fold_step, for clients that want to explicitly handle Skip steps.

  • Added Bytes module. This includes the submodules From_string and To_string with blit functions. N.B. the signature (and name) of unsafe_to_string and unsafe_of_string are different from the one in the standard library (and hopefully more explicit).

  • Add bytes functions to Buffer. Also added Buffer.content_bytes, the analog of contents but that returns bytes rather than string.

  • Enabled -safe-string.

  • Added function Int63.of_int32, which was missing.

  • Deprecated a number of String mutating functions.

  • Added module Obj_array, moved in from Core_kernel.

  • In module type Hashtbl.Accessors, removed deprecated functions, moving them into a new module type, Deprecated.

  • Exported sexp_* types that are recognized by ppx_sexp_* converters: sexp_array, sexp_list, sexp_opaque, sexp_option.

  • Reworked the Or_error module's interface, moving the Container.S interface to an Ok submodule, and adding functions is_ok, is_error, and ok to more closely resemble the interface of the Result module.

  • Removed Int.O.of_int_exn.

  • Exposed Base.force function.

  • Changed the deprecation warning for mod to recommend ( % ) rather than Caml.( mod ).

Performance related changes

  • Optimized, removing its closure allocation.

  • Optimized String.mem to not allocate.

  • Optimized Float.is_negative, is_non_negative, is_positive, and is_non_positive to avoid some boxing.

  • Changed Hashtbl.merge to relax its equality check on the input tables' Hashable.t records, checking physical equality componentwise if the records aren't physically equal.

  • Added Result.combine_errors, similar to Or_error.combine_errors, with a slightly different type.

  • Added Result.combine_errors_unit, similar to Or_error.combine_errors_unit.

  • Optimized the With_return.return type by adding the [@@unboxed] attribute.

  • Improved a number of deprecation warnings.


Initial release.