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B0 v0.0.5

WARNING. This package is unstable and work in progress, do not depend on it.

B0 describes software construction and deployments using modular and customizable definitions written in OCaml.

B0 is built on top of the B00 build library which provides arbitrary build abstraction with reliable, efficient incremental rebuilds.


For B0 users.

  • The B0 manual is a conceptual overview of the B0 system and B0 files. It is recommended reading.
  • The build unit manual describes how to create your own build units.
  • The cmdlet manual describes how to define your own cmdlets.
  • The B00 manual describes the B00 build library.
  • The B0 release manual describes B0 support for releasing software.

For B0 users of specific tools.

  • The B0 opam manual describes the opam support to generate opam package files and publish them in repositories.

For B0 programmers.

Library b0.std

The b0.std library has a few things that should be in the stdlib and a few others that should not be but are useful for B0 based programs.

  • B0_std Standard needs for B0 and B00 programs (and sometimes for any program but it's getting better).


B00 is the build model used by B0. It can be used for its own good to devise domain specific build system – see for example the brzo or odig tools.

The b0.std and b0.b00.kit libraries also provide sharp tools for quick "scripts" and command line tools even if you are not using b0.b00.

Library b0.b00

The build library.

Library b0.b00.kit

Toolkit for working with B00 and B0. A few things do not depend on the b0.b00 library but are useful to have under your hand.

IO and file formats

Dev tools and info

UI fragments

  • B00_cli Command line user interface fragments.

Viewers and editors


B0 is the system for describing software construction and deployments via B0 files.

Library b0

B0 definitions

B0 files

Only needed if you want to process B0 files your own own way. See the B0 driver development manual.

Library b0.kit

Toolkit for writing your B0 files.


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