package aws-s3

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type t
val init : (?content_type:string -> ?content_encoding:(string * string) -> ?acl:string -> ?cache_control:string -> bucket:string -> key:string -> unit -> t result) command

Initialize multipart upload

val upload_part : (t -> part_number:int -> ?expect:bool -> data:string -> unit -> unit result) command

Upload a part of the file. All parts except the last part must be at least 5Mb big. All parts must have a unique part number. The final file will be assembled from all parts ordered by part number

  • parameter expect:

    If true, the body will not be sent until a tatus has been received from the server. This incurs a delay in transfer, but avoid sending a large body, if the request is know to fail before the body is sent.

val copy_part : (t -> part_number:int -> ?range:(int * int) -> bucket:string -> key:string -> unit -> unit result) command

Specify a part as a copy of an existing object in S3.

val complete : (t -> unit -> etag result) command

Complete a multipart upload. The returned string is an opaque identifier used as etag. the etag return is _NOT_ the md5

val abort : (t -> unit -> unit result) command

Abort a multipart upload. This also discards all uploaded parts.

module Stream : sig ... end

Streaming functions


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