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A modern runner for GNU Autoconf Testsuites


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autofonce is a modern runner for GNU Autoconf Testsuites: autofonce has a limited understanding of m4 macros that appear in testsuites written for the GNU Autoconf testsuites, and can run such tests in a modern way.

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Main Features

  • automatic run from any directory in the project

  • short display focusing on failed tests

  • automatic parallel execution

  • promotion of tests results to fix tests

Example of Autofonce Test

Here is a simple example of test understood by autofonce:

# Start of a test, and the name that will be displayed
AT_SETUP([Example test])

# can be used to select tests to run:
AT_KEYWORDS([example test autofonce]) 

# create a file `file` with its content
AT_DATA([file], [
content of file
on multiple lines

# call some command, check its exit code, stdout, stderr
AT_CHECK([cat file], [0], [stdout of my command], [stderr of my command])
# you can do more, ignore some results, run more tests in case of failure, etc.

# end of the test

Now, copy this test in a file, and run autofonce:

$ autofonce init
$ autofonce run -T
Project description loaded from $PWD/autofonce.toml
Loading tests from file "$PWD/"
Creating testing directory $PWD/_autofonce

0001 Example test                    FAIL ( stdout stderr)
* 1 checks performed
* 0 / 1 tests executed successfully
* 1 tests failed: 0001
File "$PWD/_autofonce/results.log" created with failure results
zsh: exit 1     autofonce run -T

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