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ascii85 - Adobe's Ascii85 encoding as a module and a command line tool






This source code provides the Ascii85 module in OCaml for encoding files in
the Ascii85 encoding as specified by Adobe's PostScript LANGUAGE REFERENCE
third edition
. In addition, it comes with a small command line utility to
encode files from the command line. For the details of the format, see
sections ASCII Base-85 Strings and ASCII85Encode Filter in the
PostScript manual.

Install from OPAM

The easiest way to install Ascii85 is to use OCaml's package manager:

opam install ascii85

Building from Source

jbuilder build
jbuilder install

Command line tool

The command line tool ascii85enc is installed into $PREFIX/bin. It
encodes a named file or stdin:

ascii85enc file.txt

Using the option -ps the output is prefixed with PostScript code to
decode the stream and execute it:

ascii85enc -ps

This creates an Ascii85 encoded PostScript file that contains instructions
to decode itself.

Using as a library

For using the module, all you need are the two source files:


The ascii85enc utility comes with a Unix manual part which is installed by
the install target. It is built from ascii85enc.pod in
the repository.

The interface of Ascii85 is documented with comments for the OCamldoc
utility that generates documentation.


BSD License. See


Christian Lindig

Opam Description

ascii85 - Adobe's Ascii85 encoding as a module and a command line tool

The ascii85 module implements the Ascii85 encoding as defined by Adobe for
use in the PostScript language. The module is accompanied by a small
utility ascii85enc to encode files from the command line.